Buy My Weed Online (BMWO) Online Dispensary and CannabudPost Online Dispensary

We get it, there is a new online dispensary in Canada opening shop every day that it’s hard to keep track. Buy My Weed Online and Cannabudpost are two popular mail order marijuana services located in Canada.

With the legalization of cannabis, the market of weed consumers is bound to expand over the years. Are you looking for a new online dispensary? A problem you encounter when you shop for weed online is that there are so many options. Consequently, it is very hard to tell which online cannabis dispensary is the best.

The purpose of this blog is not to say that CannabudPost is one of the best mail order marijuana sites. The goal is to bring forward an informed comparison of the best mail order marijuana sites available.

We begin with a detailed comparison between Buy My Weed Online and CannabudPost. We will be looking into a variety of cannabis products that the two vendors have to offer. These include cannabis flowers, edibles, concentrates and CBD products.

Buy My Weed Online vs. CannabudPost Product Selection

Most Canadians buying weed online are probably interested in cannabis flowers. At BMWO online dispensary, there is over 35 strains available for purchase. Cannabudpost has over 42 cannabis flower strains, which mostly includes indica and hybrid, with the rest being sativa strains.

Buy My Weed Online has been around a long time, but CannabudPost’s reputation as Canada’s premium mail order marijuana website is being established steadily. A quick search on Reddit, more particularly the subreddit r/CanadianMoM, will reveal an endless wave of positive reviews of CannabudPost from real customers (with high karma points and lengthy post history).

At CannabudPost, each cannabis strain is carefully and accurately graded. Product quality is the primary focus at CBP, and this means that each batch is personally smoked by their staff before it is available for sale. Buying weed online in Canada can be an ideal experience when you shop with reliable vendors that have a strict grading scale for cannabis.

Cannabis concentrates like shatters, budders, organic rosins and oils make up the second largest share of the market after flowers. While Buy My Weed Online has a much larger shatter selection, with over 40 types and brands of concentrates available, CannabudPost ensures the safety and quality of cannabis concentrates that are stocked. This means that when you buy shatter at CannabudPost, you will surely buy cannabis concentrates that doesn’t include pine resin.

For edible products, Buy My Weed Online and CannabudPost have a similar selection. Most manufacturers of weed edibles in Canada have a strong hold over the market. This means that their edibles are available at most online dispensaries in the country. What are the most popular edible brands in Canada? These include, but aren’t limited to: Mary’s Medibles, Mystic Medibles, Twisted Extracts, and Ganja Leaf.

THC Vapes is also becoming a popular method of getting high. To truly be a complete range mail order marijuana store, both Buy My Weed Online and CannabudPost have a large selection of cannabis distillate products for sale. It is not hard to buy weed distillate without PG and VG. CannabudPost’s weed cartridges are from producers that follow strict guidelines and value product safety above all.

CannabudPost, like Buy My Weed Online, is an one stop shop for all your marijuana related needs. What CananbudPost lacks in the number of years in the game in comparison to BMWO, they make up in passion for the industry and love for their customers.

Buy My Weed Online vs. CannabudPost: Weed Pricing

Buy My Weed Online’s prices are undoubtedly higher than the prices offered by CannabudPost. If you are looking for mail order marijuana on a budget, and do not wish to compromise on quality, you will want to buy weed online from CannabudPost.


Average price for 1 OZ of cannabis buds: $240

Average price for 1 OZ of concentrates: $700


Average price for 1 OZ of cannabis buds: $170

Average price for 1 OZ of concentrates: $500

CannabudPost has one of the best prices for cannabis in Canada. As “the home of the mix and match cannabis deals,” CannabudPost offers various build-your-own cannabis ounce bundles. CannabudPost understands that at the end of the day, should you buy weed online or from a dispensary, you want variety with your smoke. With over 10 mix and match options available for cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles and vapes, you will never be bored of the same strain or product.

Buy My Weed Online vs. CannabudPost: Shipping and Customer Service

While it’s true that CannabudPost and LowPriceBud offers some of the most premium marijuana available in Canada, CannabudPost outshines Buy My Weed Online when it comes to shipping and customer service when you buy weed online.

Both BMWO and CannabudPost offers free shipping on all orders above $99. However, CannabudPost offers more shipping options when you buy weed online. If your order is below $99, you have the option to ship your weed expedited for $15, express post for $20, or even priority for $45 (get your weed next day!).

CannabudPost holds their customer service to the absolute highest standards in the industry. They have a team of dedicated customer service representatives to answer questions via email.

You may ask, is your information private when buying weed online? As the most premium marijuana dispensary in Canada, CannabudPost goes above and beyond to keep each customer’s personal information safe. Unlike most mail order marijuana dispensaries in Canada, CannabudPost doesn’t send out newsletters to customers in order to ensure that no customer’s emails are leaked. This has happened many times, where online dispensaries leak out customer information by accident when sending a mass promotion email/newsletter. To not repeated this mistake, CannabudPost has taken steps to not put themselves in the situation in the first place.

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