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  1. Jason Bartel (verified owner)

    Ordered an ounce each of Purple Candy, Tuna Kush, Alien Og and Zombie Kush. Very nice buds and smells quite nice. Havnt smoked them all yet but can say the P.C. is great as well as the Alien OG. Thanks again cannabudpost and I’ll definitely be reordering in the future.

  2. Spliffmeister (verified owner)

    First time order and was no disappointed, one Oz pink kush 1 Oz Shishkaberry and 2 Oz of death bubba. The pink kush was my favourite oht the the bunch. Amazing taste and packed a punch. The Shishkaberry has a very piney fruity smell unlike anything I have smelled in recent history beautiful buds aswell. The death bubba packed the biggest punch. All in all very impressed thanks again cannabudpost!

  3. flyinhigh23 (verified owner)

    My very 1st order… not my last…Ordered an OZ each of Mandarin Cookies, Shiskaberry, Pink Kush and Atomic Nuken. Could not be happier! Packaging was smell proof, and the buds hit nice and hard and taste description is on point!

  4. pernellsmeaton (verified owner)

    Not impressed! I was looking to switch my Go To MOM site and after doing some research I stumbled upon this site ,I ordered 2 oz of Death Bubba ,1 ounce of Pink Kush and 1 ounce of Shishkaberry and they are all a mild buzz . I was excited when I first seen the bud because they all smell and look great but the buzz just isn’t there… Defiantly not a AAA buzz which didn’t make any sense because of the THC percentages that were listed . I messaged customer service to inquire about this and was told that the percentages are only guesses and that they only test it by having someone Test smoke it before they buy it! The percentages listed are only the Growers average( They have since added Growers Average to the THC amount because of my concerns) which is ridiculous considering every batch could vary greatly, there is no way the Bud was the THC listed when I bought it… Ripping four bowls out of the bong to catch a decent buzz , customer service offered no resolution to the problem other then add Growers Average to the ads which is great for people making future purchases but does nothing for me for the weak bud I received . Lesson learned . Stick with the MOM you know and trust

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  5. Shellstrop_Manitoba

    Ordered this QP deal twice. Got the death bubba pink kush shishkaberry twice. Shishkaberry was same batch both times but db and pink kush different batches both times. Liked all 3 strains very much, pink and death bubba had real authentic taste. Not sure what this [name removed by CannabudPost] guy below is talking about, he is probably just the competitor or something he had to spam his shit twice go figure. Comon bro 4 bowls …. lol … I been smoking weed for 10 years and rarely do I come across weed that doesn’t get me high. Taste shitty maybe, rough maybe, but fuck out of here … lol …. okay I am done

  6. ashley (verified owner)

    good quality for price- always open & honest customer service – for a “budget” QP if you do your research/ask about bud size/potency CBP has always been happy to help & ive consistently been a happy customer

  7. Travis (verified owner)

    Been getting this for some time now and will continue to do so great deal and great smoke

  8. Vincent (verified owner)

    Very happy with my quarter pound, my pootang pie had a bunch of strings and stems in it… haven’t seen that since smoking the old thai weed when I lived in Asia. But the taste and smell made up for the bad bag appeal. Strawberry kush looked nice but was weak and had no smell. Overall price 8/10 quality 7/10.

  9. W***** G********** (verified owner)

    I ordered Rockstar, chemo and Death bubba. It does the job of getting you baked but the death bubba to me does not taste like the classic death bubba taste that one seeks for, its smells good but the smoke is just ok. So a little disappointed about the taste but other than that everything looks great and this is a good value for what you get!

  10. jonah17hulan (verified owner)

    Recently ordered the death bubba, pink kush, platinum blue city diesel, and blueberry AK. The death bubba hit hard and had a very pungent, sour and sweet taste. Left me feeling like a vegetable. Pink kush was old school kush with dank beautiful buds. Very impressive buds and taste. The platinum blue city diesel was a beautiful bud that had a very smooth high. A creeper strain with a lovely taste. Blueberry Ak was a great sativa hybrid. Buds were super big and colorful and i found the flavour similar to candy. Overall very impressed with that quarter pound deal. Already looking forward to my next order.

  11. G**** W**** (verified owner)

    Fave qp order you can get online, I got god bud, Romulan, strawberry cough. Bud all is amazing no excuse 10/10

  12. zach jones (verified owner)

    Incredible deal, tried about 6 strains and they were all gas. If you can afford to put this amount upfront you’ll definitely be in for a treat and at a bargain!

  13. christopherchan86 (verified owner)

    Really happy with my first time ordering this QP mix ordered the pink kush, pre 98, pink jet fuel and island pink. I would put the weed in this order from best to least favourite. Burns clean ash is not that black. Buds produce good rosin with my hair straightener!! Shipping is fast and all I gotta say is try it.

  14. Chris Ferguson (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my order.

    2 Strawberry cough oz
    1 God’s green crack oz
    1 NYC Sour Diesel oz

    All great. But especially the Strawberry Cough. Please get more.

  15. p.campbell211 (verified owner)

    Very awesome

  16. Paul Campbell (verified owner)

    Always quality.

  17. korynecro (verified owner)

    I always order this, and its sad to see it being phased for for the less appealing TMQP, pretty bummed out about this

  18. eastapparel2020 (verified owner)

    First time grabbing this from CannabudPost and I’m very impressed, all 4 strains were atleast AAA+, all trimmed perfectly and smelled amazing, good potency, packaged perfectly, Will be for sure grabbing another one asap

  19. jordan.k340 (verified owner)

    Got this deal last month… almost amazing!

    Girl scout cookies is always a good smoke
    kushberry was my fave
    ghost train haze was a great sativa
    grease monkey was that heavy indica at night

    thanks again!

  20. Dylan (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality for the price point, excellent value compared to their competitors. Good to great bag appeal and flushing, with an always excellent cure, trim and terpene profile.

    Highly recommend trying this deal if you buy in bulk for yourself or your family.

  21. BCH (verified owner)

    Love this! Ordered Gods Green Crack, GSC, Key Lime Pie, and Moby Dick. I had some AAAA buds in the GSC which is always appreciated, and the Moby Dick is probably the most strongest strain I have ever had. The packaging was very discrete with a plain box and the buds in smell proof bags. I highly recommend ordering this as you get to choose four ounces. This won’t be my last time ordering through CannaBudPost.

  22. Jovan Bratic

    so many nice options. I usually order ounce mix and match but pulled the trigger on this bundle because I need a lot of weed to get me through my quarantine.

  23. hannah2002smith (verified owner)

    Love this bundle! Have ordered multiple times. And I love the fact that I can mix and match. I’ve tried so many different strains thanks to this great deal!!

  24. hannah2002smith (verified owner)

    Ordered this again, and was once again impressed. Love being able to try new strains everytime I order. Always love this deal.

  25. hannah2002smith (verified owner)

    Another repurchase!! Packaging great, price is great, and is great weed!!! All around recommend

  26. hannah2002smith (verified owner)

    Another reorder for this, Absolutely love it :)) highly recommend you try! Great price and even better high!!

  27. adogsbreakfast88 (verified owner)

    Best budget value QP on the MOM market. Fantastic value, selection and potency. Flush and cure on most strains is on point, with good bag appeal and transpancy around strains that are popcorn.

    I also like when they add the date they added a new batch.

    Thanks for supporting the Canadian customers!

  28. r_j3740 (verified owner)

    Got my first order of this mix n match and was satisfied, Good grass and fresh batch, Thx CBP

  29. Anthony_OG (verified owner)

    Awesome price, Gonna order more for sure

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