AAA Ounce Mix & Match

Enjoy our AAA Ounce mix and match. Build your ounce with 4 x 7 grams of the strains listed below.

Please read the description of each individual strain, as some may have additional details and disclaimers.

This bundle contains AA strains, please read the grade carefully.


AAA OZ Mix and Match buy weed online in Canada cheap cheap weed


  1. uselessfact (verified owner)

    Though i wasn’t super happy with my last order and made sure you guys knew how i felt, i got to give credits where it’s due and say this order was point.

    Cookies ‘N cream: Real nice nice bag appeal. It was basically just one big dense 7 grams nug. Nice potency too. Smells like sweet candies. It’s a good daytime smoke

    Watermelon Haze: Pretty much same as above, nice, dense nugs with great bag appeal and nose. No couch lock for me even though it’s a 80/20 indica hybrid

    Poontang Pie: Small fluffy buds. Not the best looking buds but packs a strong head high, followed by a warming feeling through your body.

    Cali Bubba: This was the Quad i picked in the deal and rightly so It was a mic of medium and small sized dense buds. Has an almost immediate tranquilising effect to it. Don’t expect to get shit done with this strain

  2. hannah2002smith (verified owner)

    Overall, I really love this deal and the idea that you can order and try multiple strains.

    Watermelon haze is great. Relaxes you, and you can almost feel the stress leave your body

    Love pineapple express! Such a great smell with great taste and burn. Buds look great

    Cali Bubba effects are almost instant and you are going to literally pass out for hours

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