Half Ounce Mix & Match

Do you want to get a better idea of the selection that we have available? This 4 x 3.5 gram bundle deal will allow you to try out an eighth of our most popular strains!



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  1. beattie103 (verified owner)

    Ordered Purple Space cookies, Alien OG and sherbert. All were phenomenal tasting and quality bud. Fast shipping and friendly customer service!

  2. Mike McIntyre

    Cant wait

  3. thesmartease (verified owner)

    Great bundle to taste a few strains and try a new MoM 🙂 I got Critical Kush, GSC and Scout Master (check out my reviews under each strain!).

    I’m a bit disappointed though, but only because I wish I would have ordered more!

  4. skysamoila50 (verified owner)

    Effing amazing deal don’t really get much better then this folks you get 3 choices of a huge selection great for testing them strains you do t really know about it was my first order from the site and I gotta say it’s what got me Hook line and sinker I got cherry ak47 , critical cheese,ubc chemo,monster cookies, black diamond and pinkcandy all around all very good herb I recommend em all if you haven’t tryed yet but favorite out of that batch is black diamond so smooth and taste and the high so clean love it anyways won’t surprise me if I get at least one of theese deals everytime I order just for the fact of the choice and the quality of each choice you dont just get qauilty you also get quantity for a killer price

  5. kayemelindy (verified owner)

    Great way to try different strains and to get a rough idea of the strengths and terpenes that would be best suited for you. Decent pricing too!

  6. knockoncethinktwice (verified owner)

    I got Pink Kush, Red Congo, and Super Nuken. This was my first order from here and was very impressed with the quality of what I got. I went on a weekend fishing trip with my boyfriend and he brought some weed that he bought from a friend who sells, and it was noticeable lower quality than what I had. I’m planning on ordering an ounce next week, great work.

  7. Lantz

    Wide Selection of Strains

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