Lindsay OG (AAAA) Mediums




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Lindsay OG (AAAA) Mediums

An award-winning strain, it’s hardly a surprise that Lindsay OG is the choice weed for many medicinal cannabis users seeking a heavy indica high. Named after the town Lindsay in Ontario, Lindsay OG has an earthy, diesel, and very pungent aroma. Stoners love the Lindsay OG strain for its ability to sedate, increase appetite, and overcome nausea. Many users also report that this strain is great at alleviating chronic pain. If you are a connoisseur looking for weed with an elevated THC level, Lindsay OG will get the job done.


3.5 Grams, 7 Gram, 14 Grams, 28 Grams


  1. AlexDuro

    Wow ! Thats all i can say, probably one of the best indica on the market.

  2. Mackenzie Schwyrie (verified owner)

    Have ordered it twice in a row. A bit stemmy, but it’s a heavy hitter.

  3. Phil (verified owner)

    My half came in all clumped together, an indicator that of quality and freshness. Dank sticky buds with hints of gas and reminds me of the Pink kush pheno I received as a sample also (Thank you!!!). Rating of the bud is spot on! AAAA buds delicious, smooth & potent. Burns to a nice light grey to white ash with a classic kush bite and kick to it. Pink will still be a favourite of mine for its sweet taste but this Lindsay OG comes to a close 2nd place. You can really tell they’re from the same OG lineage. Bless!

  4. Ignila

    My lord, This stuff is tasty. The flavour profile is amazing, with an overwhelming diesel/pine taste on the exhale. Potent as it tastes.

  5. Richard Andre

    Nothing bad to say about this strain but was not the knock out indica I thought it would be. Still a great high. Good for night time use, watching a movie without falling asleep. Would smoke it again but have other strains I’d get instead.

  6. Ben Gartrell (verified owner)

    Very nice. Nice high. Classic kush taste. Not as hard hitting as I was expecting, but a very complete stone.

  7. CaineKong

    I would agree with the other reviews this one is a special strain. Give it a try if you are looking for something new that is potent. Amazing smell and taste and burn.

  8. CaineKong (verified owner)

    2nd or third time I’ve ordered this strain. It has amazing taste and smell and potency. Nuggs are always a great shade of green and caked in crystal. I love the taste and high from this strain.

  9. Ben006

    Cool to have a strain from my hometown. Always have enjoyed it, nice taste, nice smell and get’s you stoned. Would recommend.

  10. SPOR69 (verified owner)

    One of the best strains out there. It has awesome nose and taste. Keep up the good work CBP!!

  11. AlexDuro (verified owner)

    For me, this is the best strain ever. End

  12. SPOR69 (verified owner)

    Fantastic strain, sooo glad it’s back! Great job CBP!!

  13. Bengz

    taste is good, and the price too.

  14. bassss1 (verified owner)

    great Lyndsay OG, nice strain, nice taste, not too loud

  15. SPOR69 (verified owner)

    Still just as good as a year and a half ago. Quality!!


    As described, a good batch.

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