Do you smoke so much weed, that it is making a dent in your wallet? We hope that by putting together this budget 2 OZ combo, we can help you save some money, and provide you with potent weed at the same time. Choose 2 ounces from the various options listed in this bundle.



$160.00 $140.00

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Buy wedding cake weed online in Canada


  1. skip (verified owner)

    I did so much I bought ‘er 4 times
    Swiss Cheese is REAL cheesey
    and Wedding Cake smells so alluring
    Well done CBP

  2. S**** O***** (verified owner)

    About to be my third purchase, tried the cheesecake bundle and I’ve never been so pleasantly surprised in my life. I’m not lieing when I say recieving the second package was more exciting than my first born child

  3. S**** O***** (verified owner)

    Each month it just gets better and better. Definitely my go-to MOM!

  4. jordan.k340 (verified owner)

    Impressed for being AA+. Decent trim and good look nugs.

    Nukem is well grown !

    What a bargain , thanks again !

  5. martinlepine (verified owner)

    Awesome deal…
    The nuken is very potent for the price, will get the job done.
    The bc rockstar is a nice smoke too. Will buy again for sure, keep it up guys!

  6. BrakkFuller1950 (verified owner)

    Great value! I’m coming off several months buying pricier stuff elsewhere. While the Nuken and BC Rockstar I received in this deal aren’t as potent as that, they’re both way tastier than I expected when vaped, and the price is obviously attractive. You won me over, CBP.

  7. anarchy187 (verified owner)

    Great value, some of the buds don’t look the nicest but they smoke incredibly well, the Tuna Kush this batch was the highlight, it looked nicer than I expected, the smoke was smooth and the high was very intensely indica-dominated with a slight cerebral relief. The Zombie OG on the other-hand looks pretty small and stemmy but again the smoke is smooth and the effect is great.

    Definitely recommended for the cost if you like smoking Cannabis.

  8. moowcow (verified owner)

    Great bundle for frequent smokers. I got the Swiss Cheese and Nuken, which were both pretty great. I was surprised to see many medium-sized buds, because I was expecting popcorn buds.

  9. Spliffa (verified owner)

    Good value for those heavy smokers on a budget! I received Nuken & BC Rockstar and both strains press into rosin really well. Getting good yields and the high is potent for AA. Would order again!

  10. 123420 (verified owner)

    i’ve ordered this twice alright and i definitely will be coming back for more. i’m always so pleased with the buds usually no matter what strain it is and it’s always here fast. i’ve already referred at least 15 people ands it’s not going to stop there. keep it up!!

  11. Joseph Harrisson (verified owner)

    Ordered on monday, arrived friday. Got the Kushberry and Death Bubba. Very good smokes from both so far, and at that price you cant beat it!

  12. kristinasrbic (verified owner)

    Great bud at a great price. Very happy

  13. Craig (verified owner)

    Rockstar rocks.Smells and tastes so good…will buy again !

  14. mr.jeremygladu (verified owner)

    Definitely a bang for your buck, the rockstar is good bud wise and smoke wise. You can’t get a better deal anywhere else.

  15. hannah2002smith

    Love this deal. Awesome price with lots of awesome strains.

  16. Tabitha Rosembert (verified owner)

    Great deal! I ordered chocolope and black diamond it smoked great and wasn’t dry Will definitely buy again

  17. BCH (verified owner)

    Moby Dick: One of the strongest sativas I’ve ever had. Not for the feint of heart

    Cali Bubba: Always a killer strain. Had this on the go throughout the summer

  18. Lantz (verified owner)


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