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  1. skip (verified owner)

    Both are nice bud…don’t plan activities after BD….fyi. …lol
    Liked it so much I got it a second time
    BD is beautifully manicured (a tad less nose than I’m used to with BD, but spot on)
    , first round of Nuken was too, second round fit description …a few excess stragling sugar leaves…no biggie tho (and that killa Nuke nose…well done)
    Count spot on
    Keep up the good work….and the price point!…and you’ll see nothing but growth ( pun intended)

  2. Ashley Winchester (verified owner)

    picked up this 2 oz deal- ice wreck has major bag appeal & is a nice indica hybrid, blue cheese is sweet & cheesy & will KO you every time you smoke it.. naps on naps on naps with blue cheese

    steal of a deal, you won’t be disappointed!

  3. Chris Taylor (verified owner)

    Got the Ice Wreck & Blue Cheese Combo. Very happy with the purchase. The strains have since changed but I would definitely order again.

  4. Argus1123 (verified owner)

    Great Value with the Blue Cheese and Blackberry combo pack. These are easily $165 oz’s for $120 each. Delivery was no issue, signing up was a breeze.

    Both bags look good, smoke well, and deliver a great indica high. The Blackberry especially has an appropriately ‘sweet’ smell to the bag, texture was beautiful for rolling and the bong.

    Looking forward to seeing what’s in the next Value Pack, here.

  5. aaronchoken (verified owner)

    Very professional

  6. David Cantatore (verified owner)

    Okay value. Blackberry Kush is very decent, pretty good even but the Girl Scout Cookies isn’t that great in my opinion.

  7. sxe-mope (verified owner)

    Blue Cheese & Ice Wreck

    Both were good strains. Blue Cheese was nothing to write home about. Not bad by any means, but not exceptional. About what I’d expect for ~$120/Oz. Only complaint was that the high was somewhat short lasting.

    Ice Wreck on the other hand, was fantastic. One of those flowers that hits you immediately and puts you down for a bit lol

  8. David Cantatore (verified owner)

    Alright, new review now that I’ve had a few days with the Blackberry Kush and Girl Scout Cookies.

    The Blackberry Kush is really really good, very tasty to vape and has a really nice, yet powerful high, happy and creative, not too heavy but still got me to sleep nice and early (good for insomnia). Solid quality here and my go-to for late evening vaping.

    The Girl Scout Cookies is nice, as an uplifting head high and good relaxing qualities without turning me into a drooling zombie, a good daytime/early evening bud. I’d say it has medium strength.

    A great deal overall, quick delivery and serious packaging.

  9. Nate (verified owner)

    Totally agree with David on the Blackberry/Girl Scout combo. Bang on.

    I’m very happy with the product. I’ll be ordering this months deal!

  10. Brandon Kolter (verified owner)

    Has always been an excellent deal for me I just got the cookies and cream/death bubba combo and am blown away by the cookies and cream. I previously got the ice wreck and blue cheese combo and again loved the ice wreck. Definitely no complaints on any strains I’ve picked up so far.

  11. Herb (verified owner)

    5 star, bundle
    ordering again!
    death bubba Is 150 paired with girl scout cookies for another 90 bucks!
    2 oz’s 120/each very reasonable thanks!

  12. KP (verified owner)

    I guess it is ok for the price, but the girl guide cookies are meh, and the death bubba is just OK.

  13. Spliffa (verified owner)

    Got the January deal for GGC & GSC ozs. Both fresh, potent buds. Delicious taste and smell. I pressed most into flower rosin, but found GSC to yield a bit less than I would have hoped. Also vaped both strains in a dry herb vaporizer. Good stuff! CBP has become my top MoM!

  14. AKnows

    Another home run with the Mataro Blue/GGC combo! GGC is caked and funky, and the Mataro smells amazing! Deals on deals on deals

  15. Jordan (verified owner)

    Great deal !

    Got gods green crack and marato blue.

    The gods green crack is well grown. Has the classic ggc smell and flavour.

    Same with marato blue..

    The nugs were mainly popcorn though , which isn’t a big deal but not much bag appeal.

  16. PuffPanda (verified owner)

    Solid deal on solid bud

  17. gillian.pardy3 (verified owner)

    Second order of The Black,. It’s amazing. Probably the prettiest weed I’ve ever smoked. Your joints are purple, caked in trichomes and massive buds! Keef falling off like salt.
    This is my first time trying Blueberry AK and Holy fuck! So tasty, beautiful high and nice size buds.
    Been getting this deal twice a month and it’s fantastic. For medical patients, this is what we need. Quality and a good price!
    You guys are my heros. I’ll keep coming back for this every time. Thank you!

  18. jordan.k340 (verified owner)

    3rd time doing this deal

    Have not been disappointed yet.

    Black Diamond is amazing looking, and great smoke

    Blueberry AK was the same, smelled amazing, and looked great

    Both great smokes, going to order this deal again and again and again and again.

    Thanks Cannabudpost, really appreciate your site

  19. Craig Bell (verified owner)

    Master Kush is amazing and definitely got me stoned.! Chocolope ,smells so good! And burns really good to! white ash.Will buy again!

  20. hannah2002smith

    Really enjoyed this bundle great price. Great shipping and discreet packaging. Also, very smell proof, so at least I know my post office won’t smell like a pot farm lmfao

  21. Stephen (verified owner)

    amazing deal

  22. Tabitha Rosembert (verified owner)

    Amazing deal, I really enjoyed the black Nuken and especially the platinum cake. I would definitely orders again

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