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One of the most interesting things about Manitoba is the sheer amount of lakes that the province has. With more than a hundred thousand of them, people are constantly going to the city to unwind with nature. If you’re one of those people, looking to go to Manitoba and you’d like to know everything about its cannabis laws, you’re just where you need to be.

In this article, we’ll be going through all you need to know about buying weed in Manitoba.

Is Weed Legal in Manitoba, Canada?

Yes, weed is legal in Manitoba, Canada. It became legal as soon as the national Cannabis Act became active on the 17th of October, 2018. Like every other city where weed is legal in Canada, anyone in Manitoba can purchase weed and smoke it recreationally or otherwise. You don’t even need to have a medical marijuana prescription. If you’re a stoner, this should be just as exciting to you as it is to us. This is because now, you can buy pot and other products that are related to it without necessarily worrying about getting arrested for breaking the law.

What’s the Legal Age to Buy Weed in Manitoba?

After consulting with citizens of Manitoba, the government of the province made 19 years old the legal age for buying, having, and using non-medical cannabis. This is the same age that’s required to buy tobacco and alcohol in some parts of Canada. To ensure that people aren’t falsifying their ages, The Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis Control Act will put out a few measures in place for age verification.

The fine for illegal possession of cannabis is around $672. While retail cannabis shops can allow young persons in, they mustn’t let the young people see or access the cannabis. 

So, if you’re younger than 19, you definitely want to stay away from cannabis. However, if you’re 19 and above, you have nothing to worry about. You can buy weed in Manitoba whenever you want. In fact, you can buy weed online from a dispensary licensed to sell it to you. 

How Much Cannabis Can You Buy in Manitoba?

The total amount of cannabis you can possess is 30 grams. This applies to random individuals who meet the minimum age for cannabis possession in Manitoba. The same goes for passengers and drivers in vehicles. However, it must be stowed away properly, especially to ensure that children and 18-year-olds do not have access to it. In addition to that, drivers must never smoke cannabis while operating a motor vehicle.

Otherwise, you can buy up to 30 grams of cannabis and have it on your person when and where appropriate.

Where Can You Smoke Weed in Manitoba?

You can smoke weed on practically all your private properties. However, the government of Manitoba cracks down on smoking and vaping cannabis in any public area. To be a bit more specific, after you buy weed in Manitoba, you cannot smoke or vape it in the following places:

  • Sidewalks and streets
  • Beaches and parks, provincial or otherwise
  • School grounds
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Patios or decks of restaurants 

If you look carefully, you’ll see that these are mostly open spaces. However, that doesn’t quite mean that you’re allowed to smoke in enclosed public spaces either. Doing so is illegal except in specific areas like the palliative care unit of a hospital or an end-of-life hospice. 

Essentially, if you really want to enjoy weed, you should do it at home away from kids and people who aren’t of age yet. Besides, why would you even want to smoke in public where you can’t completely unwind?

Can You Legally Grow Cannabis in Manitoba?

The best you can do is purchase cannabis in Manitoba from a designated dispensary or retailer. You certainly cannot grow cannabis at home in Manitoba because the law prohibits it.

This isn’t the same in other parts of Canada, though. The federal government partially restricts the cultivation and growth of cannabis across the country in private homes. However, the provincial government still has the right to determine the conditions of home growth.

Manitoba, like Quebec and Nunavut, set the limit for cannabis growth at home at zero. This means you cannot grow non-medical cannabis. Doing so could lead to a $2500 fine.

Who Can Sell Cannabis in Manitoba?

Contrary to what you might think, not just anyone can sell cannabis in Manitoba. The state’s model for non-medical legal weed is a private/public hybrid.

This means that as a private retailer, you’d have to first go through competitive requests for a process of proposal bidding. If you’re selected, you can operate a retail store. However, you would have to be supplied by Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries (MBLL). This is the public part of the hybrid model. 

As a private individual or group of individuals, you will have to answer to the Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba as your compliance agency. 

Keep in mind, however, that you cannot sell cannabis and alcohol together. Also, if you’ll be selling cannabis to Manitobans, your retail store should be located in Manitoba.

Are Edibles Legal in Manitoba?

Edibles are currently legal in Manitoba. Initially, they weren’t. But, after the government created, introduced, and passed regulations on the sales of edibles in 2019, the provinces followed suit. 

Among other things, people can get edibles like chocolates, mint candies, soft chews, and of course, gummies.

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What Should You Keep in Mind About Cannabis in Manitoba?

If you’re going to buy weed in Manitoba, you should keep a few more things in mind about cannabis. 

For starters, you must never smoke or vape weed and drive at the same time. This is incredibly important to remember because doing so would put you and your passengers at risk. Cannabis affects your ability to think straight and this isn’t exactly great for driving. Even if you survive it, the DUI that comes afterwards would certainly be unpleasant.

Secondly, you must never allow kids access to marijuana. Even if you aren’t offering them marijuana or enabling them access to it, ensure that you don’t so much as smoke it in their presence. It’s simple courtesy.

In everything you do, smoke and vape responsibly.

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