Where to buy weed in charlottetown, prince edward island?

Legalization has been one of the best things to happen in Canada. However, there are still many rules and laws surrounding legalization. These laws can vary from province to province and from city to city. Regardless of whether you are just visiting Charlottetown, PEI or a resident, here are some questions that you might want to know before you buy cannabis or light up! 

Yes! Cannabis became legal in Prince Edward Island when the national Cannabis Act went into full force on October 17, 2018. Since then, all residents of Prince Edward Island could purchase cannabis and cannabis products, like vapes, CBD edibles, vape pens and concentrates, from retail stores regardless of whether they had a medical marijuana license or not. 

You can find quality cannabis at some unbelievably good prices if you know where to look. Recreational cannabis sales have also helped improve the economy. In fact, Charlottetown, PEI is one of the largest consumers of kush in all of Canada. In fact, within the first six weeks of legalization, PEI topped the per-capita spending on marijuana nationwide. Residents here spend an average of $13.83 compared to the national average of just $2.65.

There are four legal retail stores around the island. These PEI cannabis retail stores carry an assortment of products, like CBD vapes, cannabis oil and more. They are run by the government of Prince Edward Island. 

Those who can’t make it to one of the four federally licensed retail stores nearby can always order cannabis online for convenience. There are many options available and finding some good weed has never been difficult even on this island! 

Thanks to legalization, anyone who is over the age of 19 can purchase marijuana in Charlottetown. This is the same legal age for alcohol and tobacco.

Cannabis retailers are responsible for ensuring that they are selling weed only to those of legal age. In order to do so, all retail stores will require consumers to provide two pieces of government ID at checkout. The IDs are used as proof of age. All retail staff will be well-trained in ID verification and responsible service. 

ID is mostly required for online sales as well at PEI cannabis, which is managed by the Prince Edward Island Cannabis management corporation. 

Charlottetown is following the same legal allowances set by the federal government. You are allowed to buy and have 30 grams of cannabis on you at all times if you are out in public. However, there are no restrictions on how much cannabis you can have at home. If you want to stock up on weed, you can! 

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Finding a place to light up in Charlottetown, PEI is probably the hardest part of the equation for tourists. If you’re a resident there, things are much easier. Unfortunately, it is not legal to smoke weed in a public area in Charlottetown, PEI. This means that those who own their own home can only smoke on their own property or at a friend’s if they have permission. Those who rent may need permission from their landlords.


This isn’t too hard for most Charlottetown residents looking to smoke a joint. But, it can be a difficult feat for tourists who don’t have the same luxury of owning property or knowing someone who does. 

Instead, tourists will need to seek permission from owners of tourist accommodations. Many owners have, unfortunately, decided against allowing guests to smoke on their property. 

Thankfully, some tourism operators are considering the option of taking a different approach. For example, the owner of Brackley Beach North Winds Inn and Suites has stated that they will allow guests to smoke outside as long as it’s 4.5 meters, or 15 feet, from their building. Some campgrounds on the island are taking a similar approach and will be open to marijuana as long as guests smoke on their individual campsites only. 

Those who are caught smoking in public will receive warnings from law enforcement officials. The general penalty for violating this provincial legislation is a fine of about $200 to $400. Subsequent offences can rise to anywhere from $400 to $700. 

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