Everyday Smoker Bundle

Are you a total pothead and smoke weed every day? Price may be one of your main concerns. This bundle has some of the cheapest weed strains for those looking for low price bud. Get 2 ounces of weed for only $220! The strains change quite frequently, so check back often! 

Monthly Featured Deal

Each month, we offer new indica, sativa and hybrid strains for cheap. Get 3 x 7 grams of AAA weed and 1 x 7 grams of AAAA weed in this marijuana bundle deal. You can choose from various marijuana strains and grades. 

Quarter Pound Mix and Match

The best way to get a great weed deal is to buy a qp of weed in Canada. Choose from popular AAA and AAAA indica, sativa and hybrid strains. You’ll get to enjoy some wholesale marijuana prices! 

50% Weekly Weed Deal

Try a quarter of a featured AAA or AAAA strain at 50% off! Every week, we feature a new type of kush for sale. They’ll vary in THC and CBD, as well as terpene profile. The grade and quality of the cannabis will also vary. 

Enjoy Our Value Picks for Even More Weed Savings

Stoners on a budget? We have some cheap ounces starting at $69 and less below, so rest assured that you’re getting some of the best prices that you’ll ever find from a Canadian online dispensary. Get the best bang for your buck here! 

Try an Online Dispensary Out with a Sample Pack of Weed

New to online mail order marijuana dispensaries? Get a taste of what we have to offer with this sample pack of weed. You’ll get 3 x 2 grams of AAA weed and 1 x 1 gram of AAAA cannabis for only $50! 

At CannabudPost, we hold our reputation sacred, and can confidently say that we are one of the most well loved Canadian online cannabis providers thanks to our product quality and legacy customer service.


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