3 Cartridge Mix and Match

Can’t decide what flavor to choose? There are just way too many terpenes you want to try? We have made life easier for you! Enjoy 3 1 Gram THC Distillate cartridges for the price of $114.

  • Device Material: Ceramic (porous for ease of absorption) and glass
  • THC Content: 93%-95%
  • Weight: 1 Full Gram of THC Distillate
  • Battery: not included 
  • Battery Compatibility: 510 Thread

Please Note: the cartridges used by Honey Extracts is slightly bigger than standard companies, so the air bubble may be bigger as well. As superior and thick distillate is used without additives, a bigger air bubble is needed to stimulate air flow and avoid blockage.




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Mystery Flower Add-On

Buy weed oil pens online from a safe source that doesn't put any thinning agents, buy THC pens mixed with terps.
Buy weed oil pens online from a safe source that doesn't put any thinning agents, buy THC pens mixed with terps.
Buy distillate cartridges online for vaping that doesn't contain any pg and vg and mct oil
where can you buy thc vapes in Canada?


  1. beattie103 (verified owner)

    Got Strawberry cough, Watermelon and Granddaddy Purple. All 3 tasty flavors! Oil is nice and thick. Would recommend anyone to give their carts a try! Great shipping + customer service.

  2. Hugo Michaud (verified owner)

    This is very very nice thanks

  3. fojibwey (verified owner)

    Worth the price you pay and has delicious terps! came very quickly and I’m content with the product

  4. JamalBigBuddy (verified owner)

    These are so awesome!! I recommend to all my homies

  5. livbarton60 (verified owner)

    Best carts I’ve tried!

  6. C****** A******* (verified owner)

    I had a big hype for Mango haze,and it was pretty tasty and had a nice smell too..kept puffing away with its flavor of mango.. It didn’t have a rubber smell to it, like some such as Sour Diesel.. I had a big hype for Skittles thinking it’ll taste sweet but it tasted like rubber too.. Blue Dream smelled like the flower it self which is good. But the taste is kinda bleh but it’s okay. I had got Pineapple Express and it end up being one of my favs.. Fruit punch isn’t too bad as well.. makes me feel pretty burnt when having too much hahah.. but Skywalker has a weird taste too, buts is acceptable. Not tok bad. ApplyJacks almost lived up to its smell and is kinda bitter. Wedding Cake is pretty good too. My friends like that one. Also Grand Daddy and Grape Ape… Tho it doesn’t smell like grapes, almost like stale wine.. but overall it’s good deals and it’s better than store bought cartridges where they sell you lil for so much.. it’s like almost buying two cartridges and getting one for free.. I’m from Alberta, Canada.. I follow the Instragram page too, and like that they have contests online. I had told my friends to follow and one of them ending up winning a prize. A few grams from the website here.. It’s a good website to order from. Plenty of good deals.. I recommend this to my friends and now all they do is order from here.

  7. emilejp (verified owner)

    You can’t beat this site for price or quality, I love it!

  8. BCH (verified owner)

    Great for the daily smoker! Ordered 2x Blue Dream by Haze and 1x Pineapple Express by Pegasus. Came a day early which is always great. The Blue dream is really tasty with nice uplifting effects, and the Pineapple Express is a great way to unwind. I have a generic draw-activated pen and a button-activated pen. The Blue Dream by Haze cartridges didn’t work with the draw-activated pen but worked with the button-activated one. Will order again in the future!

  9. Mar

    The only cartridges worth purchasing are the Pegasus ones and the home brand ones. haze is not worth it. The juice is thick. Constantly clogs and can’t get anything on an inhale. It’s a waste of money when you can’t use the product.

  10. Zachary Kusz (verified owner)

    Highly recommend! I Have ordered over 12 different carts and haven’t had a bad one!

  11. Eljo Gloria

    Hell of a deal as well. I used to get this before they had the 10 pen bulk pack. The 20 pen bulk pack just released by honey extracts and believe me I’ll be getting those from now on. Pegasus carts are very terpy too. I only didn’t like the HAZE one because it clogged due to being too thick. Fucked up my triton pen.

  12. Eljo Gloria

    I see a comment saying that Honey and Haze carts are thick. But that’s a quality for good distillate, count me in for the thick ones. I like pens like my women, thicc

  13. twilson (verified owner)

    I can’t say anything negative about these, they all functioned fine, contents were flavorful and potent.

  14. rondayvoo (verified owner)

    Very potent and fast shipping and the price is on point !!! Will order again after i contact about one question I have.. but for the carts themselves in terms on cost n shipping tiime best site by far

  15. Kevin Elkaim (verified owner)

    Great carts, very long lasting and hits nicely.

  16. Lantz

    Great Value

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