Cartridges by Honey Extracts

• Honey Extract cartridges doesn’t contain any harmful additives (i.e. PG, VG and MCT Oil)
• Distillate used contains 93% THC (minimum)
• Please let your vape heat up fully before getting the full smoke output, as pure distillate oil is very thick and can settle during transit • Each pen comes with 1 Gram of distillate
• Please Note: the cartridges used by Honey Extracts is slightly bigger than standard companies, so the air bubble may be bigger as well. As superior and thick distillate is used without additives, a bigger air bubble is needed to stimulate air flow and avoid blockage.

➼ For 50 pens and up, email or message us on Wickr @ cannabudpost for vendor pricing.

High quality distillate can thicken and settle over time, so please heat up cart for 45 seconds to a minute with a hair dryer if you find it hard to pull.




Mystery Flower Add-On

Buy distillate cartridges online for vaping that doesn't contain any pg and vg and mct oil

If you’re looking for discretion, you can’t go wrong with distillate carts from Honey Extracts. Because thc distillate contains none of the cannabis flavors, it’s very discrete and great for those who want to be more private about their smoking habit. The distillate contains 93% THC. 100% natural terpenes are added for flavor. No additional fillers are added, which is why these carts are thick and not runny. They’ll pass the bubble test with flying colours! That’s how you know you have a quality product on your hands! Unlike honey oil, distillate is a type of cannabis oil that contains mostly pure THC. It is devoid of any waxes or other undesirable compounds. You’ll get a potent high from the cannabis concentrates found in these vape carts; however, do keep in mind that you won’t experience any entourage effects. Honey Extracts adds a bit of terpenes to add additional flavors and aromas to the cannabis distillation, so you’ll always find a flavor that you love and enjoy! This is not a vape pen and does not come with a battery. Only the distillate cartridge is included with each purchase. Honey Extracts pride themselves in producing pure, potent cannabis extracts for our vape cartridges. If you’re looking for a cartridge that contains the full effects of the cannabis plant, take a look at their honey oil pens!


Northern Lights, Dosi Mango, Biscotti, Skywalker OG, OG Kush, Pineapple Express, Watermelon, Skittlez, Grape Ape, Blue Dream, Jack Herer, Super Lemon Haze, Strawberry Cough, King Louis XIII, Fire OG, Wedding Cake

Beginner's Guide to THC Distillate Cartridges

What is an Advanced Vapor Device or Cartridge?

Advanced Vapor Devices (AVD) were designed and produced in recent years with one goal in mind — provide users of cannabis distillate with access to reliable and premium oil cartridges without breaking the bank.

Before AVDs rose to popularity, handheld marijuana vapor devices were very expensive at the higher end, or affordable but unreliable at the lower end. Thanks to AVDs, this gap between price and quality was bridged, and consumers can now easily find well-designed and superior cartridges without having to over-pay.

With the vast selection of cartridges carried by vendors now a days, it can be confusing to find one that suits your needs. But don’t feel overwhelmed by the massive amount of information available, because Cannabud Post has prepared a brief guide for you below. The information below is meant to help you become a pro at vaping cannabis, and hopefully you can give out some advice to vape rookies at your next smoke sesh.

Choose a Cartridge with the Correct Strength

When buying distillate cartridges, the most important thing to consider is the strength of the cartridge. Cannabis flowers are enjoyable only in the right dosage, and this golden rule is no different when it comes to weed distillate. With distillate cartridges, it is very easy to choose the right balance between overwhelming paranoia and uplifting relaxation. Pre-loaded “pens” (common reference to cannabis distillate cartridges) allow controlled and precise doses with every puff. At Cannabud Post, we purchase distillate pens from manufacturers that conduct lab tests on each batch of distillate oil they produce before they load them into each pen. Every time you buy THC oil online in Canada from CannabudPost, you can safely assume that each pen contains 1 gram of THC.

Re-usable or Disposable Distillate Cartridge?

Re-usable and disposable pens are two of the most common options available to consumers. Cannabud Post offers re-usable pens that are formatted with a 510-threaded vaporizer battery insert. The 510-thread is most commonly used, and has become the standardized battery for distillate pens over the years.

Some larger companies, such as Pax, offer pens that come with their own internal batteries, which can be charged through a USB cable. Of course, these pens are more expense, as increased re-usability is often correlated with the similar trend in pricing.

Disposable pens are recommended for convenience purposes. For example, travelling with these products is feasible when your destination is a remote region without power sources (camping trips). The pre-charged batteries installed often can support the device until all the oil is vaporized. In cases where the battery outlives the oil vaporization process, some users have even disassembled the devices and filled the cartridges with more distillate oil themselves.


  1. donnapaulleto82

    Girlscout cookie flavour was my favourite, followed by Northern Light and Jack Herer

  2. hannah2002smith (verified owner)

    Got hawian haze and it was great taste n great buzz

  3. hannah2002smith (verified owner)

    Jack herer n pineapple express r also very good n uplifting

  4. sean.lomax (verified owner)

    Going 5, only halfway through but easily one of the best carts I’ve tried. Will order more

  5. Graham R Hill

    I first thought why the F would anyone want unflavoured carts , but the taste of raw distillate believe it or not, it’s oddly satisfying not to mention the unflavoured are a bit stronger, at least that’s how I feel in my head

  6. AlexDuro (verified owner)

    Perfect for the price, great value and potency.

  7. Davis Tran (verified owner)

    I ordered the thin mint cookie and it did not taste like what I expected, it definitely did the trick but the taste reminded me of the taste you get after the dentist finishes polishing your teeth. Will give it another shot and order unflavoured next!

  8. hannah2002smith (verified owner)


  9. jebusofthetoad (verified owner)

    Got the unflavoured. Took my first puff, and all I could think was “ew, tastes like the dentist”.
    My friend took a puff and was able to nail the taste down. Latex. It tastes like someone shoved a latex glove in your mouth.

  10. Ryan (verified owner)

    Very high quality, easily the best carts I’ve had. Highly recommend!

  11. Lantz (verified owner)

    Pineapple Express was my favorite 🙂

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