CBD Aromatherapy Roller Balls (200 MG)

Each roller contains 200 MG of CBD content, and comes in a 10 ML bottle.

Shake well and apply topically to pulse points as needed.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Desired Effects:

Relief, Focus, Sleep, Heal, Relax


  1. Karen from Barry

    Relax and heal! I apply the roller to my lower back for a new round swipe motions and I can feel a subtle tingly sensation about a few minutes later. Would order again, even more so if I could find a coupon code of some sort to get these rollers a bit cheaper.

  2. Jovan647

    Got the relax rollerball as well. It lasts quite long I was able to get some good effects out of it after a typical labour intensive day. achèterait à nouveau!!!

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