Daily CBD Full Spectrum Tincture 500 MG

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil (CBD), Natural Terpene Extracts

Directions: Shake well before using.  Always start with a small portion (E.G. one drop) to determine your tolerance level.

30 servings per container. Ask your medical practitioner and/or your dispensary if this product/strength is suitable for you.


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Mystery Flower Add-On

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Daily CBD Tincture is made with the utmost quality and care, being GMO free, solvent free, vegan, and cruelty free. The standard and care used to produce these products ensure the high level of purity and potency in every bottle. Lab tested with all natural ingredients. THC free.

Regular consumption of Daily CBD aids with inflammation, stress, anxiety, and discomfort. The quality ingredients and processing used allow for the full beneficial therapeutic effects to work.


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