High Voltage Extracts Sauce Cartridges

  • High THC full spectrum sauce
  • 1 gram cartridges
  • 510 threaded connection



Mystery Flower Add-On

High Voltage Extracts Sauce Cartridges
High Voltage Extracts Sauce Cartridges
High Voltage Extracts Sauce Cartridges


High Voltage Extracts (HVE) is Canada’s leading concentrate manufacturer. HVE creates their sauce through a lengthy and time consuming process. All raw cannabis plant materials go through a curing process. This not only removes plant lipids, but also decarbs the THCa from the terp sauce. The finished product is a full spectrum extract, in the oil form, that goes in your vape cartridge. This product is perfect if you need to hit a dab while on the go!

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Ortega (Indica), Purple White Lighting (Indica-Dominant), Mimosa (Sativa-Dominant), MacFlurry (Hybrid), GMO Skittlez (Hybrid)


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