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Death Bubba (AAA+)

Death Bubba

This cross-breed Indica strain has its home base in Vancouver, BC. It’s from a cross of Death Star and Bubba Kush. Its indica to Sativa ratio is at 70:30, where indica is dominant. With some of the highest THC levels at a significant 27%, you’re in for a treat. With more body high than head high, it has a general come down effect.

Death Bubba growing is a little tricky, and for beginners, it could be quite a challenge. For best results, indoor growing is better. It also needs constant trimming to ensure that enough sunlight reaches all the branches.  It is an extra sensitive plant that requires a lot of care and attention. If you hope to get a good outcome, you will have to put in more time and effort looking after this flower.

At first, you’ll feel a rush of energy and excitement. As you continue to smoke, you’ll understand how this strain gets its name. The feeling of power quickly gives way to an opposite sleepy feeling. If you somehow don’t fall asleep, you’ll be lying comatose until the high wears off. It has a wild body numbing effect while also keeping the mind active at the same time.

Death Bubba has a dual trip effect. It gets you all riled up at the beginning until it brings you down to a long deep slumber. You can use it at the end of a long day when you have nothing else to do.


There are dark green colours with black and purple hues poking underneath. The nug gives off a crystal-like appearance with sparkly trichomes on the inside. With a closer look, you’ll notice brown or orange hairs in different patches all over. It has a simple greasy look with pleasant colour tones. It has a lovely sticky freshness and is a gorgeous bud. Overall, death bubba looks good.


Right out of the bag, you’ll notice the gassy, pungent aroma before anything else.  It is very sticky to touch and smells potent. It has such a solid earthy, spicy scent that’ll leave you obsessed.


It’s excellent in a joint and has a sweet earthy flavour. From the first puff, it produces a thick beautiful smoke, with a fantastic pleasant tasting flavour. It tastes sweet and clean without any harsh exhale burns.

Common Usage

It is a great mood stimulant and is used to treat several medical conditions. People suffering from depression or insomnia enjoy its sedative and relaxation properties. Since it mostly numbs the body, many people use it to ease all kinds of chronic pain, backaches and muscle spasms. It first gives you a euphoric feeling which allows you to relax until you fall asleep. Once the strain starts working in your system, you’ll have no choice but to relax.


Not unlike many other strains, some side effects may occur. Minor side effects include; dizziness, dehydration and paranoia. Due to the high THC content, if you consume too much death bubba, these side effects will be more intense.


1 Gram, 3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams, 112 Grams, 224 Grams


  1. Ryan Cook (verified owner)

    Just got this today and really like it. Super relaxing and good mood buzz. Good size buds and busts up really fluffy. Burns awesome.

  2. Bcreeferman

    This is great example of deathbubba imo. Smells and tastes great,burns great. Has a nice relaxing/heavier high. Service is really great and quick.
    Thanks Cannabudpost and keep this stocked up.

  3. Herb Leham

    Hits you right in the head after a few good puffs. Strong, heavy, Another strain will order again. Good buzz. Thanks.

  4. James

    Strong indica. Make you go to sleep after a bong hit or two.

  5. BrakkFuller1950 (verified owner)

    Good smell and taste, potent effect. Definitely one I’ll come back to.

  6. HLeham

    Even better batch this time. Heavy hitter! Will order again. Thx

  7. Ash

    great indica, sweet/gassy, med-large nugs.. good strain

  8. mdr420in88 (verified owner)

    One of the best death bubba’s I’ve tried. Small medium and large nugs with little leaf to it but even them are covered in crystals. Stuff seems fresh and busts up quite nicely and is backed up by a beautiful smell and taste. For sure would recommend to anyone who loves bubba strains

  9. anarchy187

    I don’t find that any form of Death Bubba has ever knocked me out, in comparison to Purple strains this simply lacks the strength to compete head-to-head in KO’ability. The benefit of this strain is that it is sedating but sedating enough that you can still be partially awake to watch TV, but as soon as you go and put your head down to relax you’ll immediately sleep and stay asleep for several hours. For people with Insomnia I do find that this strain and most of the ‘Bubba’ strains result in more intense dreams which could wake you up.

    The cure on it was good, still sticky (March 2020) and terrific scent.

  10. adogsbreakfast88 (verified owner)

    Hints of diesel and gas as you open the bag, Death Bubba came in small/medium sized buds. Great cure with an average flush(dark burn than I’d like to see) with average potency. Overall a true AAA and recommend if you’re looking for a DB at an affordable price point.

  11. hannah2002smith

    Not my favorite strain, but definitely a strain i would use to help me sleep

  12. Dang.yel (verified owner)

    My favorite strain! Nothing bad to say about it, always too and worth the money. Has a great taste and a strong indica high

  13. r_j3740 (verified owner)

    This is still one of my fav strains, Strong stuff, Thx CBP

  14. 2012fuckcancer (verified owner)

    Another fantastic deal. Great cure, decent trim. Burns grey and vapes well. Everything is true to strain and boy, it couchlocks.

    This has been my go to nighttime pain relief strain for many years. This drop doesn’t disappoint.

    You can literally feel the buzz sliding down from your forehead to your toes. Muscles in your back and neck chill the fuck out. Deepens into a perfect couch lock coma.

  15. William Samson

    Beautiful gassy and diesel bubba taste with a heavy head high that will keep your eyes glued shut

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