Honey Extracts D9 Pens (10 Pen Bulk Bundle)

Choose flavours to make your 10 pen bundle deal.

This bundle doesn’t come with any points.

Please Note: the cartridges used by Honey Extracts is slightly bigger than standard companies, so the air bubble may be bigger as well. As superior and thick distillate is used without additives, a bigger air bubble is needed to stimulate air flow and avoid blockage.

For 50 pens and up, email or message us on Wickr @ cannabudpost for vendor pricing.


$260.00 $240.00

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Mystery Flower Add-On

Buy distillate cartridges online for vaping that doesn't contain any pg and vg and mct oil
  • Distillate used contains 93% THC (minimum)
  • Honey Extract cartridges doesn’t contain any harmful additives (i.e. PG, VG and MCT Oil)
  • Please let your vape heat up fully before getting the full smoke output, as pure and clean distillate oil can settle during transit
  • Each pen comes with 1 Gram of distillate


  1. Eljo Gloria

    What a fkn steal this deal is. $29 each pen, I pretty much cover my cost if I just sell off a few. Been a regular buyer of this deal since they had it. Only shitty thing is it doesn’t credit points =P

  2. Lantz

    Great Value

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