Purple Kush (AA+) Gas


This batch would have gotten an AAA rating if it had a better trim. Nose is pretty on point and gassy, flavour translates pretty well. Ash towards the peppery side, but not a rough smoke in our smoke test.



Mystery Flower Add-On

Buy Purple Kush, a pure indica strain with a knock out couch lock effect. Get PK weed from a reliable online dispensary

Bred by growers in the Oakland, Purple Kush has become a stable strain when it comes to pure indica weed in the West Coast. If you started smoking weed in the early 2000s, there is a good chance that you’ve toked on the original PK a handful of times. As a cross between Hindu KushPurple Afghani, PK comes from a potent indica lineage. The high starts with a warming body sensation, which quickly spreads to the head. Purple Kush’s couch lock effects make this strain an ideal choice if you have trouble falling asleep.



3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams, 112 Grams, 224 Grams, 448 Grams


  1. Jobiwan (verified owner)

    A nice well balanced bud. Good smell and the potency is there! Pleasant vape, highly recommend

  2. Leeroy (verified owner)

    Real good, nice nugs nice flavor, perfect kush taste and a perfect relaxation. 100% gonna get more

  3. hannah2002smith (verified owner)

    Was very relaxed happy and super sleepy after smoking this strain, Definitely recommend if you’re smoking this to smoke it before you go to bed. Or plan on going to sleep afterwards because that’s where you’re going hahaha

  4. Kai Steeves (verified owner)

    Was great in appearance. Didn’t smoke it though, I used for tincture. And it made a very strong tincture. Helps with my pain, sleep, and anxiety. Don’t recommend if you’re planning on going out (the couch lock is strong) but great if you are staying in. Definitely a great medicinal effect.

  5. SpaceGhostMurrf (verified owner)

    Looked dry but looks were deceiving! Good smoke, had a sore back when I got home and this bud legit made that unnoticeable and sink right into couch super comfy. Good medicine! muchos gracias 🙂

  6. joeykim60 (verified owner)

    The trim isn’t the greatest but this bud is a great night-time smoke and makes me feel sleepy 😀 One of my new favourites! I would definitely get this again.

  7. Marcus

    I purchased a pound and alls I’ve got to say it WOW. The value here is incredible and for me as someone who smokes an ounce a week this was a no brainer getting each ounce for 49$…. The nugs are massive and dense. I couldn’t believe it when I was scaling it up.. and were vary generous with the amount they gave 😉 the bag appeal is incredible, they smell very pungent and are very easy on the eyes I will definitely be purchasing again soon.

  8. JMK82eh (verified owner)

    Bought a QP and first thing is the trimming is a bit off like they said, definitely leafy. The buds are big n fluffy, stinky and sticky so have a good grinder eh! An all around good smoke

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