Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) Capsules

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Death Bubba 1:2 ratio of RSO and MCT Oil – 60mg per pill

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Buy RSO capsules online that helps with pain relief

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) Capsules


RSO is a marijuana extract that is made using a solvent. It essentially extracts all of the goodness out of the cannabis strain, so you have a concentrated form of medicine. This type of medicine is ideal for those who are going through chemotherapy for cancer, struggling with chronic pain, nausea and depression and more. It contains many cannabis compounds that are currently being researched via clinical trials.

RSO contains both THC and CBD. It is one of the most popular cannabis extracts used for medicinal purposes, and some have even used it to help cure cancer. 

This RSO oil is produced in small batches by Honey Extracts. They use one specific strain for each batch, and we will provide information on the type of weed strain that is used in each batch, so you can choose what you believe will work best for you. This is due to the fact that the RSO oil produced cannabinoids that can produce an entourage effect. 

Rick Simpson, himself,  highly recommends using pure indica strains, which is what Honey Extracts have followed; however, due to popular demand, they have also included some sativa and hybrid strains, which may have less of a sedative effect on medical marijuana users. The weed is first decarboxylated before the cannabinoids are extracted. 

The Rick Simpson OIl is mixed at a 1:2 ratio with MCT oil and then filled into gelatinous capsules for easy consumption. We recommend taking one capsule per day; however, those who rely on RSO capsules, like cancer patients, may wish to take as many capsules as necessary to treat nausea, pain and other unwanted symptoms.


How Much RSO Should I Take?


While the exact amount will vary from person to person, the goal is to consume 60 grams of RSO over the course of 90 days, or 2 grams of RSO every day. Each capsule that we have in stock contains 60 mg of RSO, so you should ideally try to take 3-4 capsules a day. With that said, RSO is quite potent, so you should take it slow in the beginning. 

Most users recommend taking the capsules once in the morning, twice in the afternoon and once at night; however, if you are just beginning to use RSO capsules and oil, you should take it slow. Perhaps, consider taking only one at night at first, as the oil can have a sedative effect since it’s made from indica strains. Slowly up your dose to twice a day, three times a day and then finally four times a day. Your body will slowly adjust to the use of RSO to treat whatever symptoms you are experiencing.  


Which Strain Will Work Best for Me?


We recommend that you take a pure indica strain in the beginning; however, if you don’t appreciate the effects of indica cannabis, you can always try different strains that we have in stock. If you get in touch with us, we can reach out to Honey Extracts and get you a customized type of capsules (as long as you purchase in bulk – 200 capsules at once). 


Where Does RSO Oil Come From? 


Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) was produced by Rick Simpson, who has been providing people with instructions on how to manufacture and use this oil since 2003. He’s a Canadian who pioneered the oil in the beginning, as he read that THC helped kill cancer cells in mice.  

He first discovered the benefits of using RSO to cure skin cancer; however, at the time, cannabis was not a legal substance. As a result, he faced many hardships for his use of cannabis-based medicine. With that said, his discovery has had a profound effect on cancer patients. He, himself, was struggling with skin cancer. After making the RSO, he applied it directly onto the skin, and found that the cancer was cleared up after several days. 

Since then, he has been an advocate for using cannabis as a medicine and the wonderful effects of RSO. Unfortunately, at that time, he was unable to produce this medicine for other people due to the legality of it. Thankfully, times have changed, and this wonderful medicine is now available to the public! Check out Rick Simpson’s page here for more information. 


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