Sugar High Grape Gummies (300 MG THC)

  • Grape flavour
  • 300 mg of THC total:
    • 15 candies per tin can
    • 20 mg of THC per candy


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Mystery Flower Add-On

Sugar High Grape Gummies (300 MG THC)

Sugar High’s cubed gummy THC edibles is part of their signature product line. Each bite into Sugar High’s soft square gummy delivers an insane burst of flavours to your taste buds. Aside from the delicious stimulation to your senses, Sugar High’s THC edibles are made using high grade distillate. Lab quality distillate ensures THC levels of 90% and above, and that impurities don’t reach your edibles. Sugar High’s strict quality control procedures also ensures that every piece of gummy will be just as accurately dosed as the next piece. As with all THC edible products, we recommend that you store these in a dark and cool place. It’s also important to start with a low dosage, and work your way up gradually.


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