Wonder Psilocybin Gummies - Blackberry (3g)

To micro-dose, consume one gummy every 90 minutes until desired effects are achieved.

  • each pack comes with 10 dividable gummies
  • each gummy has 300 mg of psilocybin
  • whole package contains 3g of psilocybin mushroom


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Mystery Flower Add-On

Buy psilocybin gummies online in Canada and get free shipping. Microdose on magic mushrooms with Wonder's shroom gummies.

Wonder psilocybin gummies are ideal for microdosing. Users have found that microdosing on magic mushrooms improves their daily mood and increases creativity. Those suffering from anxiety also found that psilocybin products can give them relief. Whether you’re using magic mushrooms to go on a museum journey or to deal with medical conditions, taking your dose accurately is key. 

The psilocybin gummies by Wonder are crafted under professional environments. The premium quality comes from the fact that each batch contains an accurate measurement of psilocybin. Using Golden Teacher mushrooms for their extraction process, Wonder gummies produce a high that’s relaxing, euphoric and visually stimulating.


Blackberry, Cherry Cola, Watermelon


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