Domain Change!

We have moved from to


Yes, we know it’s rather sudden, and you’ve probably gotten a “server cannot be reached” error when you visit our .ca site. But, if you’re not technologically savvy, what does that mean? 


It means that our domain registrar shut us down. Having a .ca site is always tricky. It comes with more limitations and restrictions. Many of these domain registrars do not allow cannabis-related sites, so in a way, we saw this coming. 


But, this doesn’t mean that your information is lost, stolen, etc. 


All of the information on our site is stored on a private server. It’s safe. 


Here is a quick analogy: our domain names are our phone number and all of your information is stored at the house. Just because you have our phone number, it doesn’t mean that you know where our house is or what’s inside. Let’s say that .ca is Telus. Telus doesn’t like cannabis-related sites, but now we’ve moved onto another provider, like Fido for example.


Now, from my understanding with the information I have right now, someone gained access into the phone directory and redirected it to say — another house. That’s why you might get redirected to another landing page when you visit our site.


We’ve moved our domains, so we essentially got a new phone number with Fido. You can now use this new phone number to reach us, but just because we’ve changed phone numbers, it doesn’t mean that the items in the house were lost, stolen, etc. So, it means that we have all of your order information, customer information, etc. All orders are being processed and packed and will be shipped out on time.


Here’s a quick image for you to get a better idea:

I understand that this is an inconvenience for some of you — especially for those who wanted to place an order but were unable to reach the site. Until SUNDAY 11:59PM, we are offering $10 off any order with the promo code cannabudpost.net10

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