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Love, Romance, Sex and Cannabis for Valentine’s Day

A photo of cannabis inside a heart-shaped boxEven before cannabis was legalized, marijuana and marijuana-related products, like edibles, have always been great presents, especially when it comes to presents of love! In recent years, cannabis has become a popular Valentine’s Day gift from one lover to another, as you’ll find that love, romance, sex and cannabis mix well together. It’s fun to roll up a joint together and spend some quality time watching a movie or just chatting away. 

Or, if your beau is a real pothead, you might want to get them an ounce of weed to enjoy just by themselves. Depending on whether they are a regular marijuana consumer, an ounce of weed can last maybe a month. 

In all seriousness though, if you haven’t rolled one up with your babe, now is the time. Smoking together can really bring your relationship up to new heights.

Ways Cannabis Can Improve Your Love Life and Relationships

Studies have shown that love and cannabis are a great mix. In fact, a recent study conducted in 2014 found that couples who smoke together tend to have happier relationships and tend to be less likely to engage in any form of domestic abuse. 

Now, whether that’s because people who smoke more are happier in general or whether weed is the main factor here is debatable. However, we can’t ignore the fact that weed can help with certain things, which may help improve a relationship. For example, smoking weed can:

  • Help decrease stress and anxiety. Stress can do horrible things to your relationship. You might not necessarily be stressed out because of your partner; however, if you are stressed out about other things in your life, the stress can follow through to your relationship. By smoking some pot, you’re less likely to sweat the small stuff and more likely to spend quality time together.
  • Heightened sexual pleasure. Studies show that marijuana could be a miracle drug for sex, and an amazing sex life often means a better relationship. By smoking some bud together, you can heighten sensation and intimitate senses and enjoy more of that post-sex relaxation. 
  • Better conversations. Have you ever noticed that you’re more open and more willing to engage with others after you’ve smoked marijuana? Marijuana can really induce some intimate talk therapy in the bedroom. You’re more likely to open up to your partner and vice versa. This could lead to the feeling of a deeper connection, which is all that we can really ask for.

There really isn’t much harm to smoking weed together on Valentine’s Day. Even if you aren’t giving it as a present, it’s a great activity to incorporate into your day at any time.

Our Top Recommendations and Best Strains for Sex, Love and Romance

Cannabis on top of a woman's bodyWhen it comes to romance, love and sex and cannabis, what you buy can really change your experience. If you get something that’s really creative, you might find yourself more open to trying new things. If you get yourself something that’s energetic, you’ll find that you have a lot of energy even if you smoke in the morning (these strains are great for morning sex!)

There really isn’t a right or wrong choice when it comes to finding the best strains for sex, love and romance. Different things will work for different people. What works for you might not work for someone else, and you can have a great time whether you choose an indica, sativa or hybrid cannabis strain.

Best for Non-Smokers: Chocolate Edibles

If your partner isn’t really fond of smoking weed or taking a hit, try chocolate edibles. You definitely want to start off slow and take a low dose. The edibles can take anywhere from one to two hours to kick in, and it’s always best to go slow. 

Mary’s Medibles offer consistently dosed chocolate edibles that are absolutely delicious. You can barely taste the weed. 

Most importantly, it comes in many different flavours. Almond is one of our favourites. It gives you a nice crunch and some beautiful earthy flavours.

There are a lot of other flavours to choose from. If you love a refreshing chocolate, you can’t go wrong with mint. The espresso one is also delicious. All of these chocolate bars come in 300 mg, which should last both of you quite a few sessions if you don’t have a strong tolerance.

Best Strain for Morning Sex: Harlequin

There is no better way to start off the day. However, you don’t want to choose a strain that’s going to knock you back out since you likely have a full day of activities ahead. Sex experts highly recommend Harlequin. This weed strain can be difficult to find at local dispensaries, like the OCS, which is why you should get it when you buy weed online.

Harlequin is a sativa that will give you a boost of energy. It’s sweet, earthy and tropical and great for improving your mood as well.

Best Strain for Increasing Your Sensitivity to Touch: Sour Diesel

Increase your sensitivity to touch with Sour Diesel. It’s no secret that certain weed strains can increase your sensitivity to touch and change your tactile senses for the better. Sex experts recommend choosing a weed strain with a rich terpene profile and a balanced CBD and THC progile. Sour Diesel is amongst their recommendations.

If you can’t find a sour diesel, you can’t go wrong with similar alternatives. They’ll be just as effective! Other options that we enjoy include NYC Sour Diesel and Lemon Sour Diesel. The effects may vary slightly in comparison to Sour Diesel, but not by much.

Best for Discreet Smokers: Vape Pens

If you’re planning on going out and would prefer not reeking of marijuana, consider taking a puff out of vape pens. You have many options to choose from: distillate, live resin and honey oil. One of the best things about vape pens is that they don’t really go bad at all, so you’ll be able to puff away at the cartridges for a good year or so.


There are many different types of vape pens. The distillate ones contain only delta-9, so they’ll offer a very one-sided high. Live resin and honey oil both contain other cannabinoids of the weed, so you’ll get to enjoy entourage effects. Live resin is generally tastier than honey oil but it’s also quite a bit more expensive.

THC or CBD Lube?

Although we don’t have any in stock, some sex experts also recommend looking for a THC or CBD lube. Some cannabis users claim that these types of lubes can improve arousal although there isn’t any scientific evidence yet to back it up. 

Tips for Smoking Weed with Your Partner

Many long-term couples are considering the option of utilizing cannabis to enhance intimacy or to respark their relationship. Going on a new adventure together can feel particularly exciting; however, if you haven’t smoked with your partner yet, it can be a bit intimidating. 

Here are some tips that you should try to implement if you haven’t smoked or consumed cannabis with your partner before.

Check-In Frequently

a man and woman cuddling in bedEverybody responds to different strains in unique ways. Smoking weed together can unlock many new sexual experiences, which is why it’s important to check in with one another frequently. 

Although many experts recommend checking in verbally, you can also figure out how your partner is feeling through their body language and facial expressions. Make sure that you’re both having a good time and have the space needed to try out a new experience. 

If either of you are not enjoying the high, take a step back. It’s also important to note that some men and women report having less of a sex drive after smoking marijuana. Sometimes, marijuana and sex just don’t mix. In fact, a study published in 2019 found that erectile dysfunction (ED) is two times more prevalent in cannabis users than in non-smokers.

Be Mindful and Pace Yourself

The whole point of smoking marijuana with your partner is to enhance your relationship, not disrupt it. You definitely don’t want to smoke too much and get too high. Otherwise, you might find yourself tapping out or becoming a couch potato while your partner tries to initiate conversation.

If you’re eating edibles together, make sure that you start low and go slow. Keep in mind that it can take up to an hour before you feel any effects. 

If you’re smoking weed, start with just one puff or one hit of a vape. The high will typically start to kick in within 10 to 15 minutes. Be mindful of what’s happening and share your experiences with your partner. 

Plan Out What You’ll Do Ahead of Time

Planner in the morning with coffeeIt’s great to be spontaneous, but if it’s your first time smoking with your partner, you might want to be prepared. Consider thinking of some activities that you can both do while high. For example, you might want to cuddle up on the bed and watch a movie together.

One of the most commonly recommended activities is eye gazing. It might sound weird, but studies show that gazing into your partner’s eyes while high and talking with them can really strengthen your connection with your partner. Don’t forget to cuddle! Skin-on-skin contact is just as important! 

To make your life a lot easier, make sure you have everything that you need with you. The last thing that you want to do is to go to the store to find supplies that you need. 

When Should You Place Your Order if You Buy Weed Online

Regardless of whether you are ordering weed online or from a local dispensary, like the OCS or BC Cannabis Stores, you should consider placing your order this week. We offer XpressPost shipping on all orders over $99. It’s supposed to arrive within 2 to 4 business days, but with COVID-19 and the fact that everyone is ordering their Valentine’s Day presents online this year, expect long delivery delays.

Giving yourself about a 2 week buffer will ensure that you are more likely to get your order before Valentine’s Day. 

If you have any further questions, contact us by filling in the form to the right or emailing us at We can help you find the best present for Valentine’s Day. 

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