Island Pink Kush (AAA) Gas!





Mystery Flower Add-On

Island Pink Kush (AAA) Gas!

Commonly referred to as “Island Pink Kush,” this indica-dominant hybrid strain was created by crossing the famous Pink Kush with an unknown indica strain. This is the perfect strain if you enjoy a pungent and gassy taste with your weed. Island Pink’s appearance is almost as attractive as its smoke. With a heavy coating of frosty trichomes, Island Pink might even glitter if you hold it up to a light. After pulling apart the sticky buds, you’ll smell a strong pungent and vanilla aroma. The Island Pink experience starts off with a relaxing body high, with a hazy cerebral sensation that soon follows. Island Pink has a high THC level, which makes this strain a good choice for treating insomnia and appetite loss.


3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams, 112 Grams


  1. Jeremy

    Mine was a bit leafy, so the bag appeal gets dinged a bit. Smell and taste failed to make an impression, but the potency is nice – it’s a pink, after all.

  2. CaineKong

    I’ve gotten island pink from other places and this is the same stuff. Potent strain and great value one of my favorites I keep coming back for.

  3. hannah2002smith (verified owner)

    Very potent strain, and the effect from this strain last quite a while. The taste can sometimes be alittle bit weird but overall it is a pretty good strain

  4. SPOR69 (verified owner)

    I’ve found this strain to be hit and miss but this is definitely a hit. Nice tight buds, great smell and taste. And a great high!! Again, another top guality product from CBP!

  5. c-jay666 (verified owner)

    A nice tasting bud that I can only describe as harsh but not going to overwork your lungs. A little more on the sticky/moist side than I would prefer but these tight little buds break fairly nice, if not a little clumpy. An interesting strain to say the least

  6. 2012fuckcancer (verified owner)

    Just bought a QP of the $49/oz Island Pink. I buy value buds usually for edibles. But this one made me pick some big buds out and leave the smalls.

    This is an insane value. Once the stems and leaves are picked out, it still was a little over count.

    Vapes incredible in the Sticky Brick. Will be buying more.

  7. Dankacocko (verified owner)

    Bit leafy but great smoke and high

  8. 2012fuckcancer (verified owner)

    Bought this at $49/oz. Incredible value. Not too leafy or stemmy. Smokes well and,with some extra curing, it’ll be great for vaping as well.

    As a chronic, and a chronic pain person, this packs a good punch. Nice cerebral mellow high, with a energy/creative boost. Becomes a nice body stone after a few minutes. No couch lock. Takes the edge off, which is all I can ask for. It’s true to strain.

  9. c-jay666 (verified owner)

    I would’ve preferred a bit of extra curing as it tended to clump and stick together upon busting, so it did affect the burn a little. But for what it is and at $49 an oz, definitely a go to!

  10. Daniel Myles

    Very strong smell, sticky clumpy buds that clog my grinder. Hard hitting smoke that gives an awesome high. Definitely worth the price ,I’d buy it again for sure

  11. skip (verified owner)

    Added a zip onto a Q of sraght Pink
    VERY nice, but Pinks the BOSS!
    Cant go wrong at this price

  12. William Samson (verified owner)

    Hands down my favourite variation of Pink

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