Summer 2 Ounce Bundle

Enjoy this 2 OZ bundle we have designed for the summer, while you are sipping on a Mojito at the beach (while maintaining safe distance from other beach goers.

Summer 2 OZ Bundle will consist of premium AAA+ and/or AAAA strains. You get to choose any 2 strains listed in the bundle in a mix and match style.


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Mystery Flower Add-On

Summer 2 Ounce Bundle

** slight note: a previous comments was removed for this bundle, as comments can only be made by people who have purchased the product. This product is NOT the 2 ounce bundle deal. It contains strains of a higher grade.

So, what’s the difference between this bundle and the Everyday Smoker Deal or the 2 ounce bundle?

The 2 ounce bundle deal is mostly made up of AA+/AAAs while the Everyday Smoker Deal is made mostly of AA+s.



  1. Noah (verified owner)

    Will buy again, absolutely love the ubc chemo and the pink gorilla is amazing both are coated in crystal

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