Mike Tyson (AAAA)






Mystery Flower Add-On

Mike Tyson is a heavy indica strain that has potent effects.

Mike Tyson Weed

While the basic genetic information of this strain is unknown, it’s hard to miss the strong indica kick. It has a power-packed knockout punch effect that hits you even when you least expect it. This is how the name Tyson came about. The measured content of its THC level falls between 12% and 22%. The THC level is shallow, which gives its severe mellowing effect.

At first, you may not feel any different, but after about 15 minutes, you’ll note that your mind starts to get cloudy. Once you get used to the sensation, you begin to experience the high. The strain doesn’t do much to stimulate the mind, but it does have some mind-bending traits.

The buzz affects your entire sensory perception, and it’s excellent for audio-visual activities like watching some good TV. It also reduces your energy and motivation so much that you can’t get any work done. For some consumers, it makes them lose track of time and overall sense of awareness.

While the Mike Tyson strain seeds are not easily accessed online, you can get some clones from Tyson samples. Although, it can be grown both inside and out. The climate and type of growing method used determine the growth and yield rate.

Strain’s Appearance

The bud has a typical indica structure with elongated and cylindrical forms. It also has a common dense core with bold colouring. There are deep red pistils balanced against the pale green shade. Rust-looking trichomes surround the inner and outer core, which make the surface of the bud very hard.

Aroma of Mike Tyson

It’s tough to miss the Tyson smell with its strong, pungent diesel smell. It also has some earthy scents very similar to the smell of damp soil. When the bud opens up, it releases a sharp, spicy eye-watering fragrance. Underneath all these layers of aroma, there is a sweet, gentle, floral scent that balances the entire scent altogether.

Flavour Profile of Mike Tyson Strain

The flavour is sharp, spicy, sweet, tangy and earthy all at the same time. The taste can be very overpowering, mainly if you’re not used to indica strains. The smoke from the exhale has many skunks, but it’s also sweet. Tyson burns harshly and may cause coughing fits. If you’re smoking outdoors, you’ll have to be mindful because the strong smell may cause some unwanted attraction.

Common Usage for Mike Tyson

Although it is mainly known for its sedative properties, it also has several other applications. People with arthritis, muscle spasms and different kinds of chronic pain use Tyson to soothe their pain.

It also grants relief for migraines and nausea. It’s not a cerebral strain and helps to reduce anxiety or panic. Most consumers with insomnia use it to fall asleep because of how effective it is. Be sure you are in a comfortable position before you start using this strain because once the high kicks in, you may find it hard to move.

Side Effects

The side effects are intense for users who are not very used to indica cannabis strains. It could cause fatigue and a high loss of energy.


3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams, 112 Grams


  1. Merciful37 (verified owner)

    Yes! I loved this strain. This fire will put you to sleep as you lay back on your bed. Maybe it’s because Mr. Tyson knocked you tf out. Hahaha great indica strain ✌


  2. AlexDuro (verified owner)

    Really good ! A real knockout strain.

  3. georgeoogak7

    This strain has a strong potency. The buds look solid and nice. Can’t wait to try this one.

  4. georgeoogak7 (verified owner)

    Very potent strain. Great for pain and insomnia.

  5. re***********

    First note, this batch was extremely sticky with beautiful buds. As for the high, it performed like a knockout strain, extremely potent and pain reducing.

  6. Bengz (verified owner)

    I’m a heavy smoker, few indicas knock me out.
    This strain will knock you the f*** out, hits hard in the brain!
    Smell is indeed diesel, floral but woody at the same time, there’s no sweetness to it.
    Def a strain before going to bed, will buy again.

  7. 2012fuckcancer (verified owner)

    We are a heavy indica family and we love this strain. Everything is on point, from the beautiful, crusted buds, to the nice gas smell. Burns and vapes perfectly and great cure.

    Used for pain relief. This hits slowly and creeps up on you, but it isn’t too heavy/foggy. Nice body buzz that doesn’t last quite as long as I’d like, but that could be said for all weed. Great pickup.

  8. Matthew Waldock (verified owner)

    Really thick smoke, got a creeper stone to it, but really pleasant body buzz. Buds were fairly dense too. Definitely gonna keep on my list to pickup again

  9. 2012fuckcancer (verified owner)

    This drop of Tyson is beautiful. Smacks hard and heavy. Picked up 2 zips at $155/zip. Worth every penny.

  10. powersgenty

    buds not too dense, on the fluffier side. VERY aromatic, though not overly pungent like other strains, and it tastes like it smells. Nice body high too

  11. William Samson

    Large buds that are very sticky and has the most intense indica high just like getting knocked out by mike

  12. Gravyboy

    Beautiful bud, busts up soo nice. Amazing smoke. Grower did a great job.

  13. powersgenty (verified owner)

    Got this strain in a previous order and really liked it, so I picked it up again. This new batch is much better than the last one, such an easy smoke, goes down smooth but still leaves you feeling weary like the strongest of strains.

  14. Nick Hoffman

    Quite good

  15. gm76

    Got this as a replacement for Black Gas. This is a strong choice and a smooth smoke. Extremely sticky. Another great selection from the cbp team

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