Motor Cake (AAA+) GAS!


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Motor Cake (AAA+) GAS!

Motor Cake

Motor Cake is a genius and uniquely bred gas forward Indica-dominant hybrid. A true rarity meant for real connoisseurs of cannabis. When people try Motor Cake, they always note its exceptional traits if they are lucky enough. Combining the truly rare Motor Breath, which hails from more commonly known San Fernando Valley OG & Chem D. Motor Breath is infamous for its intense diesel flavour that only accentuates the intensely strong effects. These traits come through heavily in Motor Cake and meet with unique characteristics from Birthday Cake, a lovechild of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Birthday Cake is infamous for its rich confectionery flavours and caked buds. Users with low tolerance should tread very carefully when handling Motor Cake due to its high THC levels at 28% and higher in some batches.

A strain for intermediate to advanced growers Motor Cake can be grown indoors and out. You should expect flowering to take between 7 and 9 weeks and offers a standard yield. If growing outdoors, you would expect to finish between September through October.

The Aroma of Motor Cake

The nose of Motor Cake starts complex with an immediately intense diesel chemical forward scent that hits like a punch upon first smell indicative of Motor Breath. Closely after the strong diesel aroma, you find yourself noticing the sweet confection-like smell of the vanilla signature of Birthday Cake followed with what could only be considered a tangy citrus-like aromatic finish. The sharp, intense beginnings with the gentle, calm undertones are what draw you in with Motor Cake, known for its unique terpene profile; Myrcene, Caryophyllene and Limonene. You already know the effects and flavour will be superb.

The Flavour of Motor Cake

A genuinely aromatic and delicious Motor Cake is for those seeking unique taste. Just like the nose, you find that initial inhale full of fuel like diesel reminiscent of Motor Cakes dank lineage. On the exhale, you get that sweet sugary vanilla like a good cake strain should be synonyms with, finished off with that light tang of the citrus always associated with limonene.


As if the flavour and aroma were not enough for you, the visuals of Motor Cake are just as show-stopping. Caked with crystalline trichome-covered buds Motor Cake in perfect climate produces a lot of anthocyanins, the compound responsible for the purple, red and blue hues within cannabis, making for intense amethyst-like purples and dark forest green hues.

Common Usage

Motor Cake has many medical benefits as is familiar with high THC strains known for its calming and gentle cerebral high but intense strength when it comes to the body, great for relieving chronic pain for those that suffer from it. The effects on the mind are significant for coping with stress, so if you have a quick-paced lifestyle or currently dealing with a lot Motor Cake would be great for you. People with insomnia have claimed that Motor Cake is often a great aid in falling asleep. Patients with diagnosed depression have also stated Motor Cake has helped them uplift their moods.


Motor Cake has a strong onset of relaxation, typically leading to what many refer to as couch-lock. Many reports that right after smoking, they find euphoria claiming their mood is significantly improved. A handful of users claim a sense of uplifting and clarity and could dial into their creative side. The effects are strong and last sometimes as well. In almost every case, there is a side effect of dry mouth.


3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams, 112 Grams, 224 Grams, 448 Grams


  1. Ale***uro (verified owner)

    Another nice strain, the taste are complex, the bag appeal is nice too, not too potent just enough to have a good gaming night. Really dark in the grinder. I recommend that strain.

  2. wright1 (verified owner)

    Another great bud from “CANNABUDPOST”!
    Wedding cake has always been a favorite of mine ,so this one is like a more Indica version of it to me, which makes it a great evening or before bed strain that’s actually hitting me harder as I write this. The Taste is diesel upfront and tasty cake on the exhale.
    The perfect bud for late night talks, a movie or maybe a book! I agree with the others on here in regards to a beautiful looking and smoking bud, haven’t seen many as nice as this, except for maybe the “Strawberry Banana” I received this order. Both look amazing under a light and magnifying glass! Clean, clear high and and a nice relaxing euphoria that will take you to a nice, deep sleep after a really nice ,fairly long relaxing high that satisfies. Another bud definitely worth experiencing! (and Re-experiencing…..)

  3. bassss1 (verified owner)

    Great taste, great bud, great hit !
    One I will keep in my record to order again in the future.

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