Pink Goo (AAAA) GAS!




Mystery Flower Add-On

Buy Pink Goo and other potent couch lock indica strains online to treat pain relief.

Pink Goo is a rare indica strain with mysterious origins, though some breeders claim this strain is a close variant of OG kush and Granddaddy Purps . One of the most notable features of Pink Goo is the diamond encrusted trichomes that generously cover each nug. In fact, Pink Goo’s buds are so inundated with crystals that the nugs are usually glued together, sort of like goo. Pink Goo’s high THC level provides relief for patients suffering from depression, insomnia and stress. This strain’s sedative effects also makes it an ideal product for cancer patients, or anyone dealing with chronic pain. Smoked in moderation, you will enjoy a sense of physical calmness, as well as a boost in appetite. Being a potent knock out strain, Pink Goo should be dosed carefully, as one solid puff can slip novice smokers into a couch-lock.


3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams, 112 Grams, 224 Grams, 448 Grams


  1. AKnows

    If you’re looking for some bud that fully lives up to its description, this is it. This one is almost guaranteed to glue up your grinder. One of the few times I’d recommend a coffee grinder – or solid scissor skills
    Picked it up in the custom QP for +80; worth every cent

  2. Pinkkush86 (verified owner)

    Don’t sleep on this pink goo!!! Super sticky and dank pink gas smell. Yields some excellent rosin with excellent returns. I’m a seasoned smoker and pink kush is my stain to go to!!! This is a go to headbanger thanks Gas Leak

  3. P-Dogg (verified owner)

    Pink is the hyped strain. Love this just as much as the Tom Ford… Just as dank. Slight edge to the Goo as of time of writing.

  4. Noah (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful looking sticky crystal covered nugs, i am in love with this strain. The smell and taste are amazing!!!

  5. rhandellapquis21 (verified owner)

    When I opened the bag it has great smell but its just normal looking buds with some crystals. Then I decided to break up one bud and I was amazed by the resin. Havent tried it yet but the way I saw it and smelled it already deserved 5stars. Happy with my 1st order.

  6. jebusofthetoad

    Looks good, super strong smelling, good strength.

  7. Ben006

    Very nice strain. I love pink kush and this was somewhat similar. Busts up nice, is quite sticky and tastes great! Don’t sleep on this one.

  8. alexcharter1997

    Enjoyable! Just hit a bowl of it and grinding it was sticky, good for lay down & movie

  9. Flash1966 (verified owner)

    I got this in a mix and match ounce deal and I find myself constantly reaching for this quarter as its so delicious smelling and sticky

  10. gm76

    This lives up to it’s description for sure. If you can’t get your hands on some greasy pink, grab this. I only break up my bud by hand and this was a work out. Smokes and tastes great with a good high. Buds were solid and dense with that gas smell as soon as the bag was open. Fresh and worth grabbing at this time guaranteed

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