Purple Space Cookies (AAA+)



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Purple Space Cookie Strain

Purple Space Cookie is an impressive sativa-dominant hybrid strain that comes from a cross between Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookie. This batch comes with vibrant purple and trichome rich buds, making it an attraction for stoners and photographers alike.

Strain Effects

The Purple Space Cookie high is both relaxing and uplifting. This strain delivers a pleasant cerebral high without making you wanting to fall asleep. If you’re looking for a strong day time smoke without any couch lock effects, then Purple Space Cookies is the perfect choice. Besides helping patients get out of depressive episodes, this particular strain is known for boosting mood. Some content creators also find that this particular cut of sativa helps them get out of creativity blocks.

In addition to THC and CBD, terpenes account for a huge part of cannabis’ medicinal effects. Purple Space Cookie’s main terpenes are Linalool and myrcene. Linapool is commonly known for its spicy notes. This makes perfect sense as this flower has strong grape and spicy nutty undertones. Moreover, Linapool has the ability to reduce pain and inflammation, making it a great tool at treating arthritis. On the other hand, myrcene has mildy relaxing effects, and is more known for the earthy profiles in Purple Space Cookie.

Aroma and Appearance

Purple Space Cookie is revered for its stunning bag appeal. The intense purple oval shaped nugs give off an elegant appearance. All the more so when you take into account the thick layer of frosty trichomes, complimented by the fiery twisty pistils. As you start to pull apart the sticky nuggets, a strong sugary and earthy grape aroma starts to ooze out. The flavour transition doesn’t disappoint either. Notes of sweet berries and vanilla pancake can be a subjective way to describe the taste. The inhale is pretty smooth, with the joint leaving a salt and peppery ash that turns more salty as the session progresses. 



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  1. qkaradevji


  2. jebusofthetoad

    Beautiful buds, actually purple. Smooth smoke and strong high.
    My reason for 4* is that this strain was the perfect sativa, about 3 batches ago. The last batch, and especially this one, have been more indica dominant, to the point that this is more of a hybrid now.
    It’s good for what it is, I just want that original batch back!

  3. jmkcanadianeh

    Please restock soon, wanna give it a go!

  4. JMK82eh (verified owner)

    Got a QP and it’s not as purple as the picture but it’s still really beautiful. It’s got a sour citrus smell with a little bit of a grape taste, the high is good too! 4stars

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