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5 Factors to Look for in a Weedman Online

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If you buy weed from a local dispensary or weedman, you might notice that an eighth of weed is quite expensive. If you need medical marijuana to help you out with pain or anxiety, you’d have to dedicate a large part of your budget to cannabis. 

When you’re buying cannabis from a plug or dealer, you might have to deal with poor customer service. Are you sick of waiting for your plug to show up? Or, does your weed dealer simply not have enough variety in stock?

All of your problems can be solved by looking for a weedman online. There are so many online dispensaries out there, and you can easily buy weed online from the comfort of your own home. In fact, you don’t even need to leave your front door to get the weed delivered. Your mailman will literally bring your package to you! 

Finding a good weedman online can be rather difficult at times because there are so many choices. Here are 5 factors that you should consider looking at. 

#1. Variety of Products

One of the main reasons why so many people love to buy weed online from a weedman is because there is a lot of variety to choose from. Unlike with a plug or a dealer, online dispensaries will usually have tens of different indica strains, sativa strains and hybrid strains for you to choose from. You also get to choose the grade that you’d prefer. For example, you can specifically look for budget buds if you don’t have a lot of funds to spend on medical marijuana. 

If you don’t care about bag appeal, you might want to go for budget buds. However, if quality and appearance is everything to you, you’d probably want to go for craft cannabis AAAA strains. 

Other than dank cannabis, you also want to look for other cannabis-related products. This includes cannabis concentrates, like shatter, live resin and budder, vape pens, like distillate, honey oil and live resin, and edibles, like gummies, cookies and brownies. There’s just so many options online. You won’t be able to find a lot of these products at a local dispensary. 

The dosage for edibles online is also a lot higher! Because of this, you won’t need to take as many edibles to get high. 

Many online dispensaries will have additional products for you to choose from. For example, we also carry psilocybin for those who are looking to microdose. Psilocybin is effective in treating anxiety and depression. 

#2. Reasonable Prices

Other than variety, you really need to consider the pricing. Do you want budget buds or craft cannabis strains? Regardless of what you want, you’ll usually find that the prices are much more reasonable from an online dispensary than from a local dispensary. For example, most local dispensaries charge about $60 to 70 for a quarter of weed, weed prices are much lower with a weedman online. 

This is probably for a good reason. With an online weedman, you can get purchase in bulk. This will bring down the price of the kush down substantially, and you’ll be able to get a quarter pound of weed or even a pound at almost wholesale price! 

If you’re purchasing with a friend, you could get some really good deals. However, even if you don’t buy in bulk, you can also find a lot of really good deals with just our normal inventory. For example, when it comes to edibles, you’ll be able to find cheaper cannabis edibles online. You’ll also find that these edibles are more likely to be a higher dosage, so you’re definitely getting a better deal.

Medical marijuana patients should also consider purchasing Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) online. The capsules are much cheaper!

Find a large selection of cannabis products from an online weedman

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#3. Responsive Customer Service Team

If something is to go wrong, you’d definitely want to make sure that you get an answer as soon as possible. Although we definitely do not recommend messaging the customer service team for no reason (it’ll flood their inbox), make sure that you do message them first if you do have a problem or a question.

From our experience, a responsive customer service team will reply to you within 24 hours, and they’ll also do their best to help you answer any questions that you may have. If you have any questions, feel free to email us from our contact form to the right of this page. One of our representatives will be able to get back to you as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for input from not just us, but from other customers, feel free to join our discord! You can discuss what works for you and what doesn’t — as well as which orders you were happy and unhappy with! Here, at CannabudPost, we aim to create an inclusive community for marijuana users.

#4. Shipping and Processing Times

No one wants to — and no one should — have to wait a long time to get their weed. After all, this is an organic product, so it shouldn’t sit in the scorching sun for too long. You definitely want to find a weedman that has quick shipping and processing times. 

In our opinion, products should be shipped out within one business day. They also should not be left at the post office over the weekends. As a result, if you place an order with us and pay it before 10 AM PST, we will ship it out that day. On the other hand, if you place an order after 10 AM PST, we will ship it out the next business day.

We do not ship products over the weekend, as it’ll only sit at the post office. Therefore, if you place your order at 11 AM PST on a Friday, expect your products to be shipped out on Monday. 

Furthermore, it’s also important to keep in mind that Canada Post does not open on long weekends or on holidays. Because of this, if it’s a long weekend and you place your order at 11 AM PST on a Thursday, expect your order to go out on a Tuesday.

Buy weed online from a weedman who stores your buds properly with boveda packs

Where Is My Order Stored?

Shipping conditions can absolutely ruin weed and marijuana-related products, like concentrates and edibles. Due to this reason, we store all of our products at a temperature-controlled facility. All of our cannabis is stored with Boveda packs in air-sealed jars and containers. Similarly, all of our edibles are stored in fridges and cool environments. 

#5. Overall Reputation of the Weedman

Last but not least, you’re going to want to consider the overall reputation of the weedman. Look at online reviews to see what other people have thought about this company. If you search up CannabudPost reviews, you should easily find reviews on us! You can also join our discord group to talk to our customer service rep and some of our past and current clients. 

We can guide you towards cannabis strains that might be best suited for your needs. We have cannabis for anxiety, weed for insomnia and marijuana for pain. Our customers service reps can walk you through the pros and cons of different types of concentrates and help you find an edible dosage that works for you. 

More importantly, you want to look for negative reviews and how the company responded to the complaint. Were they reasonable or did they leave the customer hanging?

A Quick Tip on Reviews on the Site

Here, at CannabudPost, we do not censor any reviews. Good or bad, you're going to see them. With that said, you need to realize that not all online dispensaries do this, so don't rely too heavily on website reviews.

Another thing that you should note is that not all reviews are going to be accurate. Some websites attract more favourable reviews. For example, they may offer credit for positive reviews only, and this might drive a lot of customers to post positive reviews on the site.

On the other hand, unhappy customers are more likely to complain. For every negative review that you’ve read, there were probably a hundred happy customers who liked the product!

Let CannabudPost Be Your Online Weedman

If you’re looking to buy weed online and for a reputable weedman, give CannabudPost a try! We’re one of the top online weed dispensaries in Canada. We offer free XpressPost shipping on all orders over $99, so you’ll usually get your order within 2 to 4 business days. (Keep in mind that some customers are experiencing delays due to COVID-19 and general CanadaPost delays, and that we do not guarantee delivery times.) 

We offer a wide range of products and deals, like a mix and match quarter pound of weed bundle for just $460! However, if you’re feeling hesitant about trying an online weedman, try out our sample pack for $50. You’ll get 7 grams of an assortment of weed for just $50! 

You can also try our monthly featured deal, which is one of our most popular bundles. With the monthly featured deal, you get four quarters of AAA to AAAA weed for just $160! 

If this is your first time buying weed online, check out our FAQ to learn more about the different processes involved. On top of that, if you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our customer service team and they’d be happy to get back to you within 24 hours. 

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