Learn how to handle and store delta-9 distillate and other types of cannabis distillate

How to Handle and Store D9 Distillate

Upon receiving your jar of d9 distillate form us, you’ll notice that the distillate is quite viscous and hard. It’ll be thicker in consistency than honey or syrup (but just as sticky!). If you try to stick a spoon into the distillate, you’ll be met with some force. 

To work with and handle the d9 distillate, you’re going to need to heat it up first. You can do this in several ways. You can:

  • Fill a crock-pot with water and let the distillate sit for about 15 to 20 minutes in warm (semi-hot) water. The hot water bath will heat up the distillate without damaging any of the cannabinoids. 
  • Use a hot plate. Make sure that you place the d9 distillate on a plate that isn’t hotter than 90 to 100 degrees Celsius. Any hotter and the distillate may burn, and you’ll lose some precious cannabinoids. 
  • Use a hair dryer. You can also try using a hair dryer. Make sure that you keep the hair dryer at a comfortable distance away and to use a sweeping motion. You want to avoid concentrating heat in one area. 

Although d9 distillate doesn’t crystallize, CBD distillate may crystallize. If this happens, you can warm up the distillate in the same way to avoid damaging the cannabinoids.

Using a Heat Gun to Warm Up Distillate

Some people recommend using a heat gun to warm up d9 distillate. You can try doing this, but you’ll need to be very cautious.

Heat gun temperatures can reach over 500 degrees Celsius. This temperature is way too hot for distillate and can damage your cannabinoids. You’ll want to use a sweeping motion when heating up the distillate with a heat gun. Also, make sure to keep the heat gun at a distance. 

How to Store D9 Distillate

Store d9 distillate in airtight glass jars away from sunlight. You’ll get all of your d9 distillate from us in glass containers, and we highly recommend that you keep them in there. The reason being that you’re probably going to heat up your distillate later on.

If the distillate is stored in a plastic container, it won’t be safe to heat up. If you use plastic, the plastic could melt into the distillate, creating a safety hazard.

Some people also keep their distillate in stainless steel jars as well. Although stainless steel isn’t a bad option, we prefer glass, as it is easier to work with. You might want to choose a glass jar that’s blacked out to prevent any UV radiation from entering the container. 

Keep the distillate at room temperature, and preferably, in a place that’s away from sunlight. Sunlight can degrade the distillate.

Our Cannabis Distillate Products

Buy Distillate Online from CannabudPost

Are you looking for raw distillate? You can buy d9 distillate online from CannabudPost! We offer competitive prices and you can get a gram of distillate for as low as $16 per gram if you purchase up to 50 grams. Our distillate is not strain specific and contains no additives. Each batch also has a minimum level of 90% THC.  

We store all of our d9 distillate in glass jars and

What is weed distillate and how is it made from cannabis?

containers, so you can easily heat it up to work with it. Once the d9 distillate inside the container has a consistency similar to syrup or honey, you can start to take it out to use. You can dab the distillate, add it to edibles or even add it to a vape cart. 

Keep in mind that d9 distillate does have psychoactive effects. It produces a more one dimensional high than full spectrum extracts (FSE), but it’s still a great choice for those looking for marijuana products to treat insomnia, pain and anxiety.  Buy distillate online and buy weed online for better weed deals and prices. 

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2 thoughts on “How to Handle and Store D9 Distillate”

  1. First question/ Let’s say after i heat up the distillate glass jar and took out some to use it. And the rest of it is fine to put in room tempreture right? Or it must put inside the fridge to store it?

    Second question/ When I heat up the jar glass at home, is it ok for me to heat up the jar with hot water while I open the jar can?

    1. Hi Lo, thanks for reading our post.

      We store most of our distillate at room temperature as our turn around time is fairly fast, but our producers for D9 distillate has recommended to us in the past to store it inside the fridge. In our experience, though, room temperature should be fine as long as you don’t plan on keeping it there for over 6 months to 1 year. One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t expose your distillate to light. The same logic applies to cannabis flowers. Light can change the colour of the distillate over time, making it darker, which isn’t a big deal but it can be unpleasant visually.

      For your second question, it’s very important that you leave the jar can open while you heat up the distillate, as keeping it closed will create condensation and moisture, which will then drip back into the distillate and dilute it. Keep in mind that heating distillate for long periods of time will generally cause you to lose some weight, but nothing significant.

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