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Benefits of Choosing an Online Dispensary, No Card Needed

Are you looking to buy top shelf weed from an online dispensary, but would also like to maintain your privacy? Not everyone wants their personal information out there when they buy weed online, and that’s okay because some mail order marijuana (MOM) companies do not require any type of medical card or government ID. 

There are, of course, some that do though. They’ll either require you to send your entire ID with no information blacked out or they’ll let you black out some information (like the card number or information like your weight).

If you have the option of choosing between the two, most people would recommend going with a mail order marijuana (MOM) shop that doesn’t require ID. But, what are the benefits of choosing an online dispensary, no card needed? Let’s take a look below.

#1. You Don’t Have to Wait for Any Approvals

Waiting for your account to be approved can seem like the longest several days of your life. If the online dispensary is super busy, it can even take weeks for your account to be approved. You might miss out on crazy sales or even on strains that you can’t find at your local dispensary. It’s not unusual for many online dispensaries to stock one specific strain only once and you’ll never see it again!

#2. You Get to Maintain Your Privacy

That’s right. Although cannabis usage and consumption is no longer a taboo, you might not necessarily want your ID out there in the hands of people that you don’t know. You might also not want others to know that you smoke weed and if you shop at an online dispensary (no card needed), they believe that’s your right. You get to maintain your privacy by ordering to a flex delivery address, PO box and more. 

There have been some major data breaches over the years, but with an online dispensary, you get to maintain your privacy. Online dispensaries that do require your ID may allow you to black out some information on your government ID, but not all of them do. 

You also don’t have to worry that someone else behind the screen has access to your personal information. This also leads us to the next point…

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#3. You Can Avoid Identity Fraud

Although most online dispensaries do have many protocols in place to prevent anyone from stealing your ID, this is a very real concern for some people. It’s always best to take preventative measures whenever possible. By choosing an online dispensary that accepts no ID, you can really rest assured that you won’t be a victim of identity fraud. 

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Free XpressPost shipping over $99, high quality products and great prices make CannabudPost stand out from many of the other online dispensaries out there. You do not need to submit your ID to make an account, so you can get the cannabis products that you need, like CBD oil for medical uses or extracts for more potent effects, quickly and without any hassle at all. 

CannabudPost carries a wide range of products, from edibles to concentrates and more. You’ll easily find what you’re looking for with ease. If you’re not sure what type of cannabis product is best for medical marijuana patients, feel free to reach out to us! 

Online dispensary no card needed
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